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Your Instagram feed will now have video advertisements as well

Your Instagram feed will now have video advertisements as well


After six months of speculations and testing, get ready to welcome Instagram’s video ads to your homepage. Instagram feeds are now going to display more than just images of your friends and pages that you follow. The company has started allowing advertisers to run 15 second video ads. The Facebook acquired mobile photo-sharing service has as of now allowed Disney, Activision, Lancome, Banana Republic and CW to showcase their ads.

According to AdWeek, Anthy Price, SVP of media at Disney voiced out that he wanted to step up and do something big for their movie, Big Hero 6. He also adds that they are very excited for this video to be on Instagram as well.

As Disney is promoting it’s film, Big Hero 6, you will get to witness a video showcasing animated characters posing as if they were taking selfies. Lancome is promoting a new fragrance and mascara. Activision is sharing a 15-second clip from a longer live-action video that has debuted on their Facebook’s page. Banana Republic’s first video ad is a look behind the scenes at the company with sketches of holiday fashions. The video has been given effects by using Hyperlapse by Instagram. CW is promoting its program The Flash, with a quick clip of passengers in a plane on the runway who see a burst of light out the window and then the hero of the show running by.

Instagram rival Snapchat has also adopted a similar path and promoted a trailer for the movie Ouija. Videos are now becoming an important part of mobile advertising and many social media platforms are trying to focus on it as it is contributing to the company’s income.

The way Instagram is targeting ads is yet basic as it will give marketers a chance to reach a larger audience by age, gender and country.

Last year, Instagram had launched ads with sponsored posts which was equally well received by the public as well as loathed by a few.

Seen above is Instagram’s Disney video ad. The company assures that all the clips will have fresh content and not simply be re-purposed TV or web commercials.

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