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7 Free and Best App Lockers For Android


7 Best App Lockers For Android 2019

In your Smartphone you do not know how many personal data will be kept. The phone ranges from personal messages to social media apps. Along with this, our phones have banking details and many important information. We also keep private photos and videos in our Smartphone, but we do not know how secure these private data are lock apps with Fingerprint Scanner. We are anxious about their safety. The App Locker is used to protect the Save Personal Documents, Photos and Videos in the Smartphone.That is why we are going to tell you about some free app lockers on the Google Play Store. After installing them, any app in the phone can be locked.

Best App Lockers Android 2019


AppLock (DoMobile Lab)


Most downloaded app lock in Play Store. Protect privacy with password, pattern, fingerprint lock. Through this app you can lock apps you want. Videos and photos can be hid in this. app for app lock available on google play store.



AppLock – Fingerprint


The personal data of the Smartphone can be secured through this app. Through this app you can lock the app in your phone. There are many options in this. Includes Fake Lock Screen, Timer Lock, Remote Lock, Screen Lock and Bluetooth Lock, app lockers on android to lock apps with your gadget’s with fingerprint scanner.


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Security Master – Antivirus & App Lock


This can lock the phone’s apps. the security master app lets you lock apps in many ways like Pin/Pattern, Fingerprint. It also protects the phone from viruses and It’s works as an antivirus. It is available free on the Google Play Store.



Norton App Lock


You may have heard of Norton Antivirus. The company also creates and lock apps along with antivirus which is an add-on free security app. With this app you can use many types of lock options. In this you get the option of fingerprint, pin or pattern lock. Plus, the app also takes three times the wrong password, which will tell you who used your phone.



Private Zone- AppLock, Photo & Video Vault (Leomaster)


The lost or stolen mobile can be tracked as well as locking and protect the private data through this app. The app lets you lock apps with fingerprint, with PIN and Pattern as your backup. At the same time, there is another special feature in which if a person enters the wrong password twice to open your app then this app capture his photo and saved in your phone, app for app lock keep your data safe.



Vault – Hide Pics & Videos, App Lock, Free Backup


Vault may be a mobile app designed to hide non-public photos, videos on your phone. Currently there square measure over one hundred million users worldwide using Vault to shield their mobile privacy whereas enjoying App Lock, private bookmark, incognito Browser, Cloud Backup and many other helpful features for completely free!



Hotspot Shield Privacy Wizard, App Lock


Through this app, you can keep all your private apps in one place. The features of this app lets you lock apps via TOUCH ID and more ways  .In it you can put a fun cover on your phone’s lock screen. It keeps your phone safe.


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