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Vine makes its debut on Windows Phone

Vine for Windows Phone 8 has finally made its long awaited debut on the platform. After a brief demonstration that excited many Windows Phone users, Twitter-owned six-second video sharing service Vine is now a part of the Windows Phone store.

In a blog post announcing the launch of the application, Ryan Swigart, Designer for Vine wrote that the release of Vine will make it easy for even more people to capture and share life in motion. On your Windows Phone, you will now be able to tap-and-hold to create six-second long, loopy videos using Vine.

It’s finally here

The app by-and-large resembles Vine’s apps on iOS and Android. You can check out your stream, explore popular videos and some that are on the rise, view your own profile and even add more of your friends to your list. Unique to the Windows Phone platform, you will be able to pin your favourite Vine accounts to your homescreen as a tile and even use Pivots to easily switch between apps. You can even pin a shortcut to make Vine videos quickly to your homescreen.

However, not all features that we’ve been used to seeing on iOS and Android versions of Vine are coming to Windows Phone. There is no option to indulge in multiple sessions or resume Vines on the Windows Phone platform. We’re guessing later updates will address this issue.

The release of Vine should come as some relief to Microsoft as well as Windows Phone users who had been sorely missing some much-loved applications from its platform. All eyes are now on Instagram to release its awaited app on the Windows Phone platform, putting an end to a year of waiting on the part of Windows Phone users.

You can download Vine for your Windows Phone 8 devices from the Windows Phone Store.

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