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[Update: Could change to mid-March] More hints emerge to confirm February 23rd launch of Galaxy S5

Russian blogger Eldar Murtazin recently said that Samsung would announce the Galaxy S5 on February 23rd, a day before the Mobile World Congress kicks off in Barcelona. Since Samsung usually holds dedicated launch events, we were a bit skeptical of the accuracy of the rumored date, but Samsung may just have given us a hint that February 23rd is indeed the day things will go down – Murtazin has tweeted that he has received an invitation for an event on the closing day of the Sochi Olympic Winter Games 2014, which, incidentally, is February 23rd.

Unless Samsung has something else up their sleeves, something that is important enough to warrant a separate event, it’s looking more and more likely that the Galaxy S5 will be unveiled to the world on the aforementioned date. If that happens, it means we’re looking at a longer wait between the announcement and actual market launch, which is expected to happen in late April. It’s also possible Samsung could give away a free Galaxy S5 to all the Sochi Olympic athletes, which will have us looking on in jealousy like kids looking at someone else getting free candy.

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Update: Well, Murtazin has tweeted a new bit of info. This time, he says that Samsung is now unsure of when and where to announce the Galaxy S5 after the February 23rd date was leaked and could do it in London as previously rumored, and that more info will be released in a few days. At this point, we’re really not sure what to believe, but then again, that’s pretty much always the case with these rumors. However, given the fact that Samsung wowed in 2012 to not have too much of a difference between announcement and launch dates of a flagship, the March unveiling simply has more chance of being true.



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