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Twitter May Soon Begin Restricting Who May Mention You!

An upcoming change to Twitter may restrict the number of times an individual may mention you, giving you more say in the matter. At the moment, mentioning anybody on Twitter is simple, but it might compromise your anonymity. Look into it and see what you think.

A “Don’t @ Me” option is currently being developed for Twitter.

The new privacy control settings on Twitter, discovered by reverse engineer Jane Manchun Wong, will prevent users from referencing you in tweets and replies. This option may either disable mentions or allow them from just a specific group of individuals.

According to the screenshot that Wong provided, there will be three different choices available inside the Mentions section of the settings menu. Options for regulating who may mention you, whether those mentions are published, and whether or not the people you follow can also mention you.

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Many people, particularly prominent personalities, may find this useful function. It will let you protect your online anonymity, protecting you from harassers and trolls.

Dominic Camozzi, Twitter’s privacy designer, acknowledged to The Verge that the company is developing Mention restrictions but removed the tweet announcing their progress. To what extent this is anticipated to become official soon is unknown.

In addition to the existing privacy options on Twitter that function similarly, users will soon have the option to manage and restrict mentions. You may limit who can reply to you with a mention by using Twitter’s existing capability. Additionally, you may now “unmention” yourself from tweets and replies to remove yourself from the pointless conversation.

We’ll let you know if and when the proposed Mentions changes become official. If you’re interested in the new alleged Twitter feature, we encourage you to keep reading and share your thoughts in the comments below.

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