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The World’s First Waterproof USB-C iPhone Will Be Available Soon

Last year, a YouTuber produced the world’s first USB-C iPhone, which he sold on eBay. Another tinker appears to have been inspired by the experiment and has produced an iPhone with a USB-C connection. The new edition, on the other hand, comes with a significant update and is expected to cost more than the old one.

A YouTuber has created a water-resistant USB-C iPhone

The new USB-C iPhone in question was created by modder Gernot Jöbstl. Jöbstl has put a Type-C port on an iPhone X, in case you were wondering. The presence of waterproofing distinguishes this iPhone from Ken Pillonel’s initial USB-C iPhone. Jöbstl says that he changed the charging port on his iPhone X USB-C hack to make it waterproof.

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On YouTube, Gernot Jöbstl has posted a proof-of-concept video of the Type-C iPhone. He used the files Ken Pillonel posted on his GitHub page, according to the video. He appears to have discovered an IPX8-certified water-resistant Type-C connection that fits in the iPhone using these documents as a guide.

After initial difficulties locating the PD006 adapter, Jöbstl removed the mechanical support and replaced it with a 20% carbon fibre component. Super glue holds the soldered USB-C port and other wires together. It is practical, despite its unappealing appearance.

Jöbstl uses a water test to back up his statements in the video. And, as you might anticipate, the gadget was unharmed by the water. In answer to a YouTuber user’s question, Jöbstl claims that his iPhone X, like the original iPhone X, can survive for 30 minutes up to 0.5m deep.

Jöbstl intends to sell his water-resistant Type-C iPhone on eBay. The auction will begin on 19.1.2022 at 17:00 UTC, according to the video’s description (10:30 PM IST). He pledges to include a direct link to the eBay listing in the description box of the video.

We can anticipate this customised iPhone to cost roughly in the same price range as the original Type-C iPhone, which went for $86,001. Until Apple caves into regulatory pressure and releases an iPhone with a USB-C connector, you may brag about it.


Via: 9To5Mac

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