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The best RCOM EMI offer is for the 16GB iPhone 5s

With the Apple iPhone 5s and 5c going on sale today, there will be a surfeit of EMI schemes and exchange offers for the new phones. Reliance has seemingly beaten its rivals to the punch with the announcement of new EMI prices for the iPhone 5s and 5c, which make buying the Apple smartphone a very easy and attractive option. We managed to get all the details from Reliance regarding the scheme for the two phones.

Let’s start with the plastic-bodied iPhone 5c. Reliance is offering the 16 and 32GB version of the phone. The 16GB version of the phone will be available at zero down payment with EMIs set at Rs 2,499 for 24 months. The 32GB version will be available at Rs 11,600 with the same EMI amount for the same tenure.

As for the iPhone 5s, Reliance is selling all three models of the phone with the 16GB being made available at zero down payment with EMIs set at Rs 2,999 for 24 months. The EMI part remains the same for the 32 and 64 GB version of the iPhone 5s, which are available at down payment of Rs 10,992 and Rs 19,992 respectively.

The iPhone 5S on sale from today

These offers will be available from tomorrow onwards at Reliance Digital outlets as well as the Reliance-run iStore outlets. And phones bought under this scheme are not locked to provider. However, in a bid to get more customers on their network, Reliance’s telecom division is also offering extra benefits for users buying a phone through Reliance and signing up to the RCOM network.

All five SKUs bought on EMIs are eligible for the RCOM offer, which will give users unlimited local and STD calls, even on national roaming. This also includes incoming calls when roaming in the country. In addition, users will get TRAI-regulated 3000 free SMS per month for 24 months, with any extra local SMSes chargeable at Re 1 and STD SMSes chargeable at Rs 1.50. What’s more Reliance is also throwing in unlimited 3G data to really sweeten the deal.

So which one of these sounds like the best deal? Given the pricing strategy, the 16GB iPhone 5s sounds like the best deal. It has ample storage for most uses and based on the simple calculation of Rs 2,999 EMI, it comes to Rs 71,976 including all costs for 24 months. The unlocked price of the iPhone 5s base model is Rs 53,500, so in essence you will be paying a Rs 18,476 premium over the course of 2 years with the RCOM offer. That’s about Rs 769 per month for 24 months. Considering, the 2GB 3G data plan on RCOM is priced at Rs 450, this sounds like a sweet deal indeed and is easily the best option to go with when it comes to buying the new flagship iPhone.

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