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The Allure of iPhone 15 Pro Titanium Build and Touch-Sensitive Buttons

The imminent launch of the iPhone 15 series engenders growing excitement as new tidbits emerge daily. Recent reports divulge potential upgrades for the iPhone 15 Pro models (including the non-Pro variants) courtesy of Bloomberg’s tech expert, Mark Gurman. Many of these details corroborate earlier rumours, thereby bolstering their credibility. Let’s delve into what we can anticipate.

Expectations for the iPhone 15 Pro

Mark Gurman’s latest Power On newsletter discloses that the iPhone 15 Pro and its larger sibling, the 15 Pro Max, will boast several noteworthy enhancements across various aspects. In terms of design, Apple is purportedly adopting a titanium build instead of the conventional stainless steel—a path already explored when launching the Apple Watch Ultra.

This previous rumour appears increasingly plausible and may soon materialize. Additionally, we might witness a transition from flat corners to rounded ones, accompanied by a frosted glass black finish, lending an air of premium elegance. Furthermore, it is suggested that the iPhone 15 Pro models will offer improved reparability courtesy of innovative internal materials.

Iphone 15 pro leak confirms usb-c port
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LIPO Technology: A Leap in Display Innovation

Another exciting design change is the potential integration of LIPO (low-injection pressure over-moulding) technology. It could result in slimmer bezels, expanding the screen’s real estate. With rumours swirling around the iPhone 15 Pro Max featuring the slimmest bezels ever, it stands to reason that the 15 Pro will also reap the benefits of this technological advance. Additionally, we may anticipate touch-sensitive buttons and a new Action button, boasting multifunctional capabilities—enabling quick access to the camera, DND mode, translation, and more.

Power-Packed Performance

The Pro models are expected to house a 3nm chip in the performance department, likely the powerful A17 Bionic variant. Alongside this, major camera upgrades are projected, with high hopes for a periscope lens to grace the iPhone 15 Pro Max. Furthermore, USB Type-C is slated to debut, promising faster charging and data transfer speeds.

Inclusivity for Non-Pro Models

Not to leave the vanilla iPhone 15 and the 15 Plus behind, these models are expected to embrace the USB-C port and Dynamic Island, a feature previously exclusive to the Pro lineup. The non-Pro models are also speculated to sport a 48MP primary camera with a hybrid lens, ensuring impressive photography capabilities. Despite employing last year’s A16 Bionic chipset, the non-Pro variants are expected to deliver a formidable performance.

Price Concerns

As for pricing, Gurman raises concerns about an impending price hike for the entire iPhone 15 series, particularly the Pro models in the United States. Given the recurrence of such rumours, it would be prudent to brace for the possibility. Nevertheless, no official confirmation has surfaced yet, urging caution until an official announcement is made.


The iPhone 15 Pro series is on the verge of making its grand entrance. Apple enthusiasts worldwide are holding their breath in anticipation. If Gurman’s predictions hold, we can expect groundbreaking features, cutting-edge technology, and innovation that will undoubtedly set new standards in the smartphone industry. Rest assured, we will diligently keep you updated as more information emerges. Stay tuned. And we’d love to hear your thoughts on Gurman’s predictions for the iPhone 15 series. Share your insights in the comments below.

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