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Starfield’s Next Frontier: DLSS Support Arriving Soon

The gaming world is no stranger to the advancements in upscaling technologies. These innovations have significantly improved the overall gaming experience, and they continue to evolve with each passing day. However, when it was announced that Bethesda’s much-anticipated Space RPG, Starfield, would skip NVIDIA DLSS and opt for AMD FSR support, it raised more than a few eyebrows in the gaming community. In a surprising twist, Starfield is now set to introduce DLSS support, promising enhanced graphics and performance. The official rollout of this exciting update is just around the corner, scheduled for the upcoming week.

Starfield’s Leap Towards DLSS and Ray Reconstruction

Bethesda chose the official Starfield Twitter account as the platform to break the news about their forthcoming DLSS update. This update is not your run-of-the-mill patch; it represents a significant leap in graphical enhancements and performance boosts. Instead of releasing it directly into the live game, Bethesda has opted for the beta branch of Starfield.

Beta branches in gaming serve as a testing ground for new features and updates. They allow developers to fine-tune their creations, gather player feedback, and ensure the update is as close to perfection as possible before rolling it out to the broader gaming community.

What’s in Store with the Beta Update

The DLSS update is not the only exciting addition to Starfield; the beta update will also introduce highly sought-after HDR controls. This feature will significantly improve the game’s visuals and immerse players further into its captivating universe. Moreover, you can expect the usual optimizations and enhancements with any significant update.

This update marks a milestone for Starfield as it represents the game’s first substantial update. Previous updates were primarily focused on fixing minor bugs and issues. Still, this one promises to bring a whole new level of improvement to the game for both Xbox and PC players.

How to Get in on the Beta Action

Bethesda has yet to reveal how players can access the beta branch to test the DLSS update. However, the process is relatively straightforward for Steam users. To join the Steam beta branch for a game, you can typically right-click on the game in your library, go to properties, and select the beta option from the menu that appears.

This particular patch will be exclusive to Steam users, which may leave Xbox and Game Pass players feeling a bit left out. They’ll need patience while waiting for the official patch to reach their platforms.

Mod Support and Considerations

Modding is an integral part of the gaming community, and Starfield is no exception. Many mods have already been created for the game, some designed to work with DLSS. However, there’s a crucial point to keep in mind – mods can sometimes disrupt a game’s functionality when a new patch is introduced.

If you’re eager to dive into the beta update for Starfield, consider temporarily turning off any installed mods. You should also back up your game files and assess their compatibility individually. It will help ensure your gaming experience remains smooth and enjoyable even with the exciting new DLSS update.

Join the Discussion

The Starfield community is buzzing with anticipation for the upcoming update. Are you eagerly looking forward to the integration of DLSS support and the other improvements that Bethesda has in store for this space-faring RPG? Share your thoughts and expectations in the comments section below.

Get ready to elevate your Starfield experience with the DLSS update – a new era of graphics and performance is just around the corner.

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