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Beware: Standing Your PlayStation 5 Upright Could Lead To Serious Damage

Some users have reported issues with keeping their PlayStation 5 vertical.

Sony has claimed that the PS5 can be used vertically and horizontally since its release over two years ago.

For many users, a console of PS5’s size is a relief since they can keep it in any way they want. The PS5’s alignment wouldn’t be causing any specific issues to its long-term health for the last two years, but new reports and revelations suggest otherwise. The PS5’s design may have caused some problems for a small number of users. Some people have reported that their PS5s have developed alignment issues, which can lead to problems with the console’s long-term health. Reports are concerning, but it’s important to remember that they come from a small number of users.

According to Wololo, users are damaging their PS5s by keeping them upright. The report includes a tweet from 68Logic, which claims that the Liquid Metal used to cool the APU moves in a good PS5.

Besides that, the report also features other console repairers bringing the issue to light for some time now. But what could possibly go wrong with a moving liquid metal console?

A moving Liquid Metal used to cool shouldn’t cause any problems most of the time, according to Wololo. The seal between the APU and the cooler occasionally appears to be damaged. The Liquid Metal would not move if the PlayStation 5 remained horizontal. However, gravity causes the Liquid Metal to fall if the PlayStation 5 is vertical.

This will profoundly affect cooling since the lack of Liquid Metal can cause overheating and other problems. Furthermore, Liquid Metal is also conductive, so if it touches the wrong component, it can cause a short circuit.

Ultimately, it’s a personal choice whether you keep your PS5 upright or horizontal. However, considering the potential issues arising from owning it in a good position, we recommend using your PS5 horizontally to be safe. Furthermore, if you’ve experienced any problems, don’t hesitate to contact Sony customer service and get Your PS5 fixed immediately.

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