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Samsung’s most recent 200MP sensor is smaller than the 50MP camera in the Pixel 6

Samsung 200mp ISOCELL HP3 sensor: Although the first 200MP phone hasn’t been unveiled yet, Samsung isn’t worried.

  • The 200MP Isocell HP3 camera sensor has been introduced by Samsung.
  • The new sensor is significantly smaller than the company’s original 200MP sensor and high-end 50MP sensors.
  • Later this year, mass manufacturing will begin.

Samsung introduced their first 200MP sensor in September 2021, but we have yet to see phones featuring the technology. That hasn’t stopped the Korean firm from launching the new 200MP Isocell HP3 camera sensor.

The new sensor’s most remarkable feature is its comparatively modest sensor size of 1/1.4-inches. In contrast, the 50MP Isocell GN1 sensor within the Google Pixel 6 series measures 1/1.31-inch, while Samsung’s original HP1 200MP sensor measures 1/1.22-inch. This newest sensor is also just slightly bigger than the Galaxy S22’s 50MP 1/1.57-inch main camera.

Because the Isocell HP3 is lower in size, we may provide smaller pixels or picture locations. The sensor has 0.56-micron pixels, compared to 0.64-micron pixels on the HP1 and 1.2-micron pixels on the GN1.

Performance is being sacrificed to achieve a sleek design.

Larger pixels are normally preferred for better light capture, especially when the sun goes down, but Samsung is also adding pixel-binning technology here to boost light-gathering capabilities.

It first features four-in-one binning, which may produce images like those from a 50MP sensor with 1.12-micron pixel size. To produce an image that is similar to a 2.24-micron 12.5MP sensor, the HP3 is also capable of 16-in-one binning, which combines data from 16 nearby pixels. Time will tell if these alternatives are sufficient to considerably compensate for the initially small pixel size.

In any case, Samsung claims that the 20% smaller camera module than the HP1 sensor would enable smartphone manufacturers to keep their devices thin.

Other noteworthy Isocell HP3 capabilities include staggered HDR or Smart-ISO Pro for creating HDR pictures, 8K/30fps, and 4K/120fps video recording, and Super QPD autofocusing (providing autofocus on all the sensor’s pixels).

Isocell Hp3 samples are presently accessible to manufacturers, according to Samsung, and full manufacturing will begin later this year. There is no information on when the first phone with this sensor will be released, but since the first 200MP phone (powered by the HP1 sensor) isn’t yet official, we assume it will be within the next six to twelve months.


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