Samsung’s Galaxy S6 Edge video heavily ‘inspired’ from Apple Watch


If Samsung’s latest Galaxy S6 Edge video feels a tad bit familiar, you’re not mistaken. The South Korean giant released a video showcasing their latest ‘curved-display’ smartphone on YouTube and it looks seriously inspired from Apple’s latest Watch design video. Codenamed ‘Designing Possible’, Samsung’s video focuses on the smartphone’s design process while Apple digs into finer details of the smartwatch’s material makeup.

MacRumors points out that both videos feature men with English accents talking about the design process of the companies’ devices while showcasing the manufacturing processes. It also added that the two videos share similar cinematography, with both of them including almost identical images of lined up components in a dark area as a light zooms over them.

Apart from a few similarities, one would also find a few differences. Samsung’s video is more focused as a design company, while Apple’s concentration is completely on the product.  Apple’s Jony Ive speaks in the Apple ad while the voice in the Samsung ad sounds similar to British actor Richard Ayoade, pointed out the report.

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