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Samsung’s design patents transformed into Galaxy S5 and Note 4 concepts

We’ve seen a couple of concept designs of the Galaxy S5 in the last few weeks, brought to life by imaginative folks that are looking forward to Samsung’s next flagship. Well, now we’ve got another, this time inspired by a new design patent that was awarded to Samsung on the last day of 2013, and also accompanied by a concept of the Galaxy Note 4 derived from the same patents. Like the other concepts, this one features a curved design with zero screen bezels, but adds to it with a
wraparound flexible display on the side, which, as another of Samsung’s patents showed us, could be used for things like app shortcuts, news tickers, navigating through apps, and more.
Take a look at the concepts below.
Concept-models-of-samsung-galaxy-s5-and-samsunggalaxy-note-4-based-on-samsungs-design-patent (2) Concept-models-of-samsung-galaxy-s5-and-samsunggalaxy-note-4-based-on-samsungs-design-patent (1) Concept-models-of-samsung-galaxy-s5-and-samsunggalaxy-note-4-based-on-samsungs-design-patent Concept-of-samsung-galaxy-note-4

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