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Samsung to ship 100 million Galaxy S, Note devices this year

Samsung’s Analyst Day event, which was held in Seoul, came with a host of data and figures about the company’s current milestones as well as the projections that it has for the future. At the event, which is the first the company has held in eight years, Samsung’s CEO JK Shin spoke in length about the smartphone market and how the South Korean company plans to expand in the same. First on the list was the announcement that the smartphone manufacturer would be shipping over 100 million Galaxy S and Galaxy Note devices in 2013.

And the growing tablet market was also high on the company’s list of announcement. According to a presentation released by the company, over 40 million of Samsung’s Android-based tablets have been shipped from the middle of 2012 to the same period in 2013. This amounts to a 17.6 percent increase in sales when compared to the previous year.

The company’s CEO, while talking about the global smartphone market, has said that the penetration rate for the same stands at 21 percent so far, indicating that there is still a lot of place to expand. Emerging markets like China, India and Brazil were prime examples that the company said that it would be looking at, though local players like China’s Xiaomi and India’s Micromax have steadily been growing as rivals for the global leader.

Samsung has said that it will be shipping over 100 million Galaxy S and Note units this year

The company, while referring to data gathered by Strategy Analytics, has said that number of smartphones shipped out globally will grow to 1.5 billion units by 2015. This is a big jump from the one billion smartphones that will be shipped out this year, according to the same data. The company, while addressing investor concerns over saturation in the high-end smartphone market, said that the premium segment for high-priced handsets like the Galaxy S4 will beat market forecasts.

The announcement also came with a few highlights that may be a bit difficult to digest. Samsung, in one of the presentation slides, has said that it is the “Creator of Fonblet market”. Which market is this, you might ask? The company is referring to handsets with a large display as well as a stylus and handwriting support packed in.

While the company is most likely talking about its Note line-up, it is worthwhile to note that the concept of PDAs (Personal Digital Assistants) has been around since the 1992, whereas the first Galaxy Note was announced in 2011. The company was last in the news when it announced that it would be coming out with custom ARM CPUs as well as the world’s first 4K-display smartphones by 2015.

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