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Samsung SM-G900F, possibly a Galaxy S5 variant, shows up in benchmark

Last week, an unknown device with model number SM-G900S showed up in a benchmark, and speculation began that it could be the Galaxy S5. Just a day later, the SM-G900F showed up in a shipping manifest, and that got everyone thinking we’ll be getting two variants of the Galaxy S5 as has been rumored a few times (one made of plastic, the other made of metal). Well, today the SM-G900F has decided to take a pit
stop through benchmarks as well, heating up the rumor mill surrounding the next Samsung flagship.
The SM-G900F managed to score the third position in the Browsermark browser benchmark, just behind the iPhone 5s and the Galaxy Note 3 – that’s unsurprising considering it’s running the Snapdragon 800 chip, potentially with 3 GB of RAM, though whether the final product runs on the current S800 chip or a newer one remains to be seen. The benchmark score would’ve been even higher if the the SM-G900F had been running the latest version of Chrome, so as expected, the Galaxy S5 is sure to have impressive performance.
Keep in mind that the SM-G900F might not turn out to be the Galaxy S5 at all, but again, it should offer top-of-the-line specs and performance whenever it makes it to market. We’ll stay on the lookout for more details on the SM-G900F, and let you know everything as soon as we possibly can.

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