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Samsung Launched 2 New Air Purifiers in India: AX46, and AX32

Samsung has launched two new air purifiers in India. The AX46 and AX32 are IoT-enabled products with Samsung’s SmartThings app, ensuring you can control them from anywhere via your smartphone. Check out the price, features, and more details below.

Samsung AX46, and AX32 Air Purifiers: features and specs

One of the best features of these air purifiers is that they work with the Samsung SmartThings app. Besides the fact that you can switch them on and off or see your air quality, maintenance is also a breeze.

The AX46 has a Clean Air Delivery Rate of 467 cubic meters per hour and can cover an area of up to 645 square feet. It also supports the Laser PM 1.0 sensor to monitor the air in real-time. You need to see the details. In that case, the Numeric Easy View Display on the touchscreen shows everything from air quality to particulate matter – all in color-coded levels.

This air purifier has a washable pre-filter for larger dust particles, an Activated Carbon Deodorization filter to remove harmful gases, and a PM 2.5 filter to remove 99.% of tiny dust particles. It is equipped with hidden wheels, so it’s portable and can go anywhere you need.

This affordable option from Samsung delivers high air quality with a CADR of 320 cubic meters per hour and a coverage area of 356 square feet. If you’re looking for a portable option, the Samsung AX32 weighs just 6.9 kg. This filter includes support for washable pre-filters, an Activated Carbon Deodorization filter, and an Anti-Bacterial (Zinc Oxide) Dust Collecting filter.

The HRV supports a Front Air Intake for purification and the Three-Way Air Flow to help spread clean air. Additionally, there’s support for an Auto mode that will continuously sense the level of air pollution and adjust the fan and power supply accordingly to save energy. The Sleep mode will have a softer and quieter airflow to keep things quiet at night.

The Samsung AX46 and the AX32 come in beige and grey color options.

Price and Offers

The Samsung AX32 can be purchased for Rs 12,990, on the cheaper end of the spectrum. The Samsung AX46 is priced higher at Rs 32,990. Both devices will be available online and offline channels and through retail stores that sell Samsung products near you.

These new Samsung air purifiers come with a one-year warranty. Buyers also have the option to get cashback offers and to avail of EMI.

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