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Samsung Galaxy S7 chipset shatters AnTuTu benchmark


Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S7 may not have many features to show off at its future announcement, but the flagship smartphone will certainly have the fastest chipset around, as an AnTuTu benchmark result points out.

Samsung’s latest and greatest chipset is the much-talked about Exynos 8890. The SoC supposedly packs in eight cores and according to the leaked benchmark, produced a score of 103,692 points says GSMArena. In comparison, the recently announced Huawei HiSilicon-made Kirin 950 SoC that also packs in eight cores scored only 79,000 points.

Indeed, Samsung seems to be gunning for the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820, that is expected to be really powerful with its eight core setup and custom Kyro cores. Qualcomm even seems to have rectified the heat problems, so these could begin to appear at smartphone announcements soon.
Coming back to the Samsung Galaxy S7’s Exynos 8890 SoC, it did make an appearance online back in September as well. Back then, it took up the Geekbench test and scored an earth shattering 2294 points on the single core run and 6908 on the multi-core test.

In a broader comparison, Apple’s iPhone 6s, which is the fastest Apple smartphone yet, scored a 2,535  in the Geekbench single core test while the multi-core test revealed a score of 4,404 (it has just two cores). Still then, Apple could turn out to be the leader next year when if it keeps the performance jumps between past iPhones consistent.

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