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Samsung Galaxy S5 Rumors: 5 Tips for Buyers

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As we move deeper into the month of December, Samsung Galaxy S5 rumors are bound to pick up as the company starts working harder towards its future beyond the Samsung Galaxy S4. And because there will be a ton of chatter about the Galaxy S5, it will be hard to tune out the noise. Here, in an effort to make things easier on prospective buyers, we take a look at the most important things to know in the build up to next Galaxy S launch.

While it hasn’t reached a fever pitch yet, Samsung Galaxy S5 rumors are starting to emerge left and right, teasing prospective 2014 smartphone shoppers with glimpses of the future. While it may seem like it’s early for the Galaxy S5 rumor mill to start spinning its blades, weaving tales about what’s to come, it’s most certainly not.
Take for instance the Samsung Galaxy S4, a device that was rumored around the same time last year and saw countless rumors emerge over the course of five, rumors that helped to create a high level of anticipation amongst prospective Galaxy S4 buyers. The United States and other countries around the world literally had Samsung Galaxy S4 fever in the weeks prior to the Galaxy S4′s March launch in New York City.
As we approach the inevitable Samsung Galaxy S5 launch, we’re going to see a ton of leaks, a ton of speculation and a lot of predictions. In other words, there is going to be a lot of noise for consumers to wade through in the build up to the Galaxy S5′s arrival. While many consumers have been through the process before, there are those interested in the Galaxy S5 who might be interested in a Galaxy device for the first time.
While we can’t see into the future, we have been through enough smartphone launches to know how the pre-launch build up for the Galaxy S5 will likely work. In an effort to help people filter out the noise, we want to take a look at five key things that prospective Samsung Galaxy S5 buyers need to know pre-launch.

Launch Date Will Emerge Early

We have covered our fair share of Samsung smartphone launches and so we like to think that we know what we’re talking about when it comes to the pre-launch build up for a major Galaxy smartphone. While it’s certainly possible that Samsung will change up its formula, we’re already seeing signs that point to the Galaxy S5 launch being very similar to past Galaxy S launches.
The first question that is probably on the minds of prospective Galaxy S5 buyers pertains to the device’s launch date, or as we like to call it, the end to the rumors. Well, at this point, signs point to a launch in early 2014, with January, February or March being the prime candidates. Launch rumors have all centered around those and given that the Galaxy S4 arrived in early 2014, this is what we expect.

There will be rumors swirling about the launch date but know this. The Galaxy S5 launch date will emerge ahead of the actual date. Typically, we see the specific date confirmed well in advance. The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 launch date, for example, was confirmed in June. Samsung doesn’t do a very good job of hiding its launch intentions from the world.
The company also sends out invitations for press events well in advance. And while it probably won’t say what the invites will be for, it will be clear that it will be for the Galaxy S5.
So our point is this. Galaxy S5 buyers should have plenty of warning. Galaxy S buyers always do.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Release Dates Likely Won’t

While the Galaxy S5 launch date will likely arrive well in advance, Galaxy S5 buyers should expect to be in the dark about specific Galaxy S5 release dates, particularly in the United States. The release date of a smartphone is arguably the most important thing to prospective buyers and thus, it will be something that is a source of much debate, and frustration, in the weeks ahead.
Potential Galaxy S5 buyers need to understand that while we might see a release window for the Galaxy S5 ahead of time, we already have several times, it’s time to stop expecting specific release dates to emerge ahead of schedule. More often than not, release date rumors will point to a specific part of a month but they won’t point to a specific date. Part of the reason is because carriers are trying to decide where to fit the device into there pipeline.
Rarely, do we see U.S. carrier release dates emerge ahead of a Galaxy S or Galaxy Note launch and so Galaxy S5 buyers shouldn’t be hopeful going forward. Translation: Set expectations low so as to not get frustrated and head to a carrier discussion board and lash out at customer service reps that know nothing. We see it all the time in the build up to a launch.

Features Will Get All but Confirmed

Already, we’ve seen a number of Galaxy S5 features all but confirmed and as time goes on, we should see others start to firm up as well. Over the past few weeks, we’ve seen countless rumors point to a 64-bit processor on board the Galaxy S5, Samsung even confirmed the feature for next year. We’ve also seen numerous rumors point to a 16MP camera sensor, a feature that Samsung has also confirmed for 2014. While nothing is confirmed, a processor and camera upgrade are more than likely.

Most of the other Galaxy S5 features will start to take shape once we get closer to the launch event but buyers should know this. Most of the Galaxy S5 will be revealed ahead of time and that will allow users to start weighing their options, something that is extremely important pre-launch.

Design Will Remain in the Shadows

The Samsung Galaxy S5 design is already a source of contention. We’ve seen rumors point to a metal Samsung Galaxy S5. We’ve seen rumors point to a plastic Samsung Galaxy S5. And we’ve seen rumors point to both a metal Samsung Galaxy S5 and a plastic Samsung Galaxy S5. We aren’t surprised and Galaxy S5 buyers shouldn’t be either.
While we suspect that the rest of the Galaxy S5 will be confirmed ahead of launch, one feature that we do expect to remain in shadows is the Samsung Galaxy S5 design. Samsung keeps its flagship designs under lock and key and we don’t usually get a good look at a final design until the day before or the day of a launch event.

With that in mind, know this. We’ll probably see a bunch of photos masquerading as the Galaxy S5. It happens ever year, whether it’s someone intentionally trying to fool the press or controlled leaks from Samsung to throw people off, it happens year after year. Our advice is to not buy into any of these leaked images as a vast majority of them will likely prove inaccurate.
Instead, expect the final design to emerge either right before the device’s launch or at the event itself. This year’s Galaxy Note 3 design was kept hidden out of view until the actual launch event. Impressive by today’s standards.

Rumors Won’t Simmer Until Launch

Finally, whether you like it or not, Galaxy S5 rumors aren’t going to settle down until Samsung announces the device. That means that buyers can go down a few different routes. One, follow the rumor mill like a hawk. It’s fun but it can be seriously disappointing. Just ask people who built the Galaxy S4 up last year only to find themselves disappointed.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 may use a Note 3 feature to slim down further.

Another other route is to avoid rumors at all costs. Lots of people do this and it’s hard to blame them, especially with a device like the Galaxy S5 that will surely generate a lot of accurate but also inaccurate rumors. We’re already seeing a lot of questionable information emerge.
We recommend a good balance. A healthy dose of Galaxy S5 rumors, particularly rumors that come in 2014, will help put smartphone shoppers on the right track. As we’ve said, things will get confirmed and ruled out ahead of time, and because of that, buyers will be able to get an idea about whether the Galaxy S5 will be the right phone or not.

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