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Samsung Exynos Chips: Debunking Rebranding Rumors

Samsung Exynos is at the heart of the tech giant’s mobile SoC product line, powering some of its most advanced smartphones. For instance, the recently released Galaxy S23 FE boasts the Exynos 2200 (4nm) processor, and whispers in the tech sphere suggest an Exynos 2400 might be in the pipeline for the upcoming S24 lineup.

Samsung Exynos: The Unfounded Rumor

Recently, speculation surfaced from the depths of the tech community, suggesting that Samsung was bidding farewell to the Exynos branding. This gossip, brought to light by the X user (formerly Twitter) @OreXda, hinted at a rebranding of Exynos processors as ‘Dream Chip.’ The rumour gained traction across various media platforms, sparking discussions and debates.

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Android Authority’s Investigation

To get to the bottom of this, Android Authority took the initiative and directly approached Samsung Semiconductor for clarification. The response received dispelled the rumour, stating unequivocally that the supposed “rebranding is not true.” Moreover, doubts were raised about the credibility of the source, @OreXda, as Android Authority questioned their track record in leak accuracy.

Samsung’s Clear Stance

To quell the swirling speculations, Samsung Semiconductor provided a second response, reiterating that “All rumours concerning rebranding are not true.” I served as a definitive statement, putting an end to any conjecture about a potential rebranding of Exynos processors.

Unveiling the ‘Dream’ Mystery

To shed light on the internal project name ‘Dream’ or ‘Dream Chip,’ Samsung Semiconductor clarified that it was merely an internal terminology used during the development phase of Exynos processors. The existing branding, including the well-known Exynos name, will persist.


In summary, the saga of the rumoured rebranding of Samsung Exynos chips has been debunked. With clear statements from Samsung Semiconductor, we can put to rest any notion of a change in branding. The ‘Dream’ was nothing more than an internal dream, and the reality is that Exynos remains as it is.

What are your thoughts on Samsung Exynos chips? Do you think a rebranding is necessary after all these years? Share your opinions in the comments below.

SOURCE Android Authority

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