Redesigned Gmail 5.0 for Android now available for download

Redesigned Gmail 5.0 for Android now available for download


The Gmail 5.0 app is now available in the APK format which can be downloaded before its official release on Play Store.

The Gmail 5.0, different from Inbox, is the redesigned Gmail app which features Material Design and comes with support for adding multiple email accounts. The Gmail app will now support Exchange Active Sync and will also operate as an email client to take a hold of your messages from Yahoo, AOL, Outlook, or other POP3/IMAP accessible services.


You can add multiple email accounts in the new Gmail 5.0 app

Another feature is instant auto-updating of email threads. This will show you the reply in its entirety instead of just giving you a notification or alert of a reply, when you are in the same email thread.

The APKs are signed by Google and upgrade your existing app. In case you are wary of downloading the APK, you can wait for the official app to be released by the company on the Play Store. To be able to add corporate accounts, you will also need to download this APK

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