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Pre-Register for Wuthering Waves: Dive into Exclusive Milestone Rewards!

Wuthering Waves recently revealed the official release date during a special event hosted on their YouTube channel, which was accompanied by exciting news. The game is now open for Pre-Registration on Google Play Store, Apple App Store, and Epic Games Store. Additionally, Wuthering Waves will offer rewards for reaching social media follower milestones and pre-registration targets.


Milestone Rewards for Pre-Registration:

  1. 5 Million: Shell Credit x 80k
  2. 10 Million: Advanced Resonance x 10
  3. 15 Million: Astrite x 200
  4. 20 Million: Sigil: En Route x 1
  5. 30 Million: Lustrous Tide x 20
  6. Ranger’s Series Weapon of Choice x1: 50 Million

These pre-registration rewards hold significant value at the beginning of the game. At the moment, Kuro Games has already surpassed the 15 million milestone. Moreover, they are offering a Rangers’ Series Weapon of Choice for achieving a 5 Million follower goal across all their platforms (already completed). The livestream also hinted at an exclusive reward for pre-registering.

The special event for Wuthering Waves also discussed several upgrades they have implemented based on feedback from CBT2. These enhancements include a less grindy Echo system, improvements to character animations and sound effects, and adjustments to the main story quest chain.

In conclusion, the Wuthering Waves release date announcement and milestone rewards signify an exciting phase for the game. Share your thoughts and opinions on Wuthering Waves in the comment section.

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