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Over 500,000 OnePlus One units sold and company aims to sell one million by year-end

Over 500,000 OnePlus One units sold and company aims to sell one million by year-end


Chinese manufacturer OnePlus, which launched their first handset OnePlus One in April, has claimed to sell over 500,000 units and now aims to sell at 1 million by the year end.

The OnePlus One has been in demand since its launch in April this year. Its main USP is the device’s high end specifications offered at affordable prices. The company initially started selling the One exclusively online but lack of availability of the product and the increasing demand made it challenging for the company to keep pace. The company also dropped their invite system and opted for a more universal ‘pre-order’ system so more users can get their hands on it.

Carl Pei, OnePlus’ Co-founder and Director of Global had a conversation with Forbes at Dublin’s Web Summit where he said that the OnePlus One had sold half a million handsets and they were aiming to reach a good one million by the end of 2014. He did state that it would be hard, but they think it could be possible.

He also brought to our notice that the company will now launch two types of headphones going by the name Silver Bullet earphones and  JBL-designed E1+ earphones. They also plan on adding screen protectors as well as swappable back covers.

Aside from physical accessories, OnePlus also plans to build a software and services layer which would benefit the company at large. Though this is planned when the company’s handset business scales to a few million users. As of now, the company only offers us the OnePlus One but very soon, the company plans to release the second updated version of their smartphone naming it the OnePlus Two.

Of course, the company will come close to their goal with some more products which the company is planning to sell. It is astonishing that simply with a $300 budget, the OnePlus has spread out far. With their new strategies, their aim doesn’t look far.

Recently, the company also appointed Vikas Agarwal as a new General Manager of OnePlus India.

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