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Official Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Wallpapers batch now available for Download

Samsung galaxy note 5 stock wallpapers

If you, like us, have been keeping an eye out for the awesome wallpapers available with the Note5, today is your lucky day, for six high-res ones have been published online.

Made available by xda-developers senior memeber Gabri™, the walls in the slideshow below range in size from half a meg to over 4MB, depending on the image. All of these are rendered in a square aspect ratio, with a resolution of 2560 x 2560, so they’re intended as scrollable wallpapers. From what we can tell, these are 100% legit, and not the (poorly) remastered excuse of high-res wallpapers that have been floating around the web for weeks now.
Without any further ado, here they are:
* Wallpapers in slideshow resized to 640px wide. To download the full-sized wallpapers, go HERE.

Note 5 wallpaper_001_techtrainindia

Note 5 wallpaper_002_techtrainindia

Note 5 wallpaper_003_techtrainindia

Note 5 wallpaper_004_techtrainindia

Note 5 wallpaper_006_techtrainindia
Note 5 wallpaper_005_techtrainindia

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