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Nothing Teases its Upcoming New Earbuds – The Ear Stick

Nothing has been announced in the first teaser for the Ear Stick, the company’s second line of truly wireless headphones after the Ear 1 lipstick tube. Nothing currently has two goods in its inventory after its debut last year: Ear (1) and Phone (1). More items are on the way, and since the company loves teasers, we’ve got a new one for its next pair of headphones.

Nothing Teased Ear (stick)

Nothing has been confirmed about the new in-ear (stick) earphones except for those seen on Chet Lo’s SS23 track. The company has released the design of the charging case for the headphones, indicating that the company will continue to introduce new products!

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Yes, it is a cylindrical case with the same transparent feeling as before. It adds something new to the table, but I think it’s a lipstick tube! It will be interesting to see how this works. Please tell us how you feel.

Recall that Nothing Ear (Stick) was leaked with the same cylindrical body as the phone (1) before. (1) We moved on to stick nicknames! However, it’s unclear how the headphones will come out. They would probably be similar to the ears (1) with some modifications, notably the longer stem which has already been observed.

Nothing is known for that about what will happen. However, we expect some improvements to the power of the ear (1) in addition to other adjustments. They can also have fair prices.

As the teasing has just begun, we should soon expect the continuation of this cycle and the introduction of Hitch’s Ear (Stick). We will keep you posted as new information becomes available. So keep an eye on it.

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