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Nothing Launches First Service Center in India: Enhancing Customer Support for Phone (2) Release

Nothing, the innovative tech company led by Carl Pei, is gearing up to launch its much-anticipated Phone (2). As part of its preparations and commitment to customer satisfaction, Nothing has taken a significant step by establishing its first specialized customer support center in India. This move aims to provide seamless assistance to existing and potential customers. Let’s delve into the details of this exciting development.

Introducing Nothing’s Exclusive Service Center

Nothing has recently announced the establishment of its inaugural Customer Service Center in Bengaluru, India. Scheduled to open in August, this specialized center will cater to the after-sales needs of customers. To enhance customer experience, the company plans to augment its customer care support personnel by 50%.

A Comprehensive Range of Services

The exclusive service center will offer a multitude of services to customers. The center will conduct user service camps to address specific needs alongside general customer support. Customers will also have access to various accessories and care packs, including those designed to address accidental/liquid damage. Additionally, Nothing will provide warranty upgrade packs and other related items, ensuring comprehensive support for its customers.

A Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

Manu Sharma, General Manager and Vice President of Nothing India, expressed the company’s dedication to customer service. He stated, “At Nothing, our focus goes beyond creating iconic designs, products, and software experiences. We are equally committed to providing exceptional after-sales service, elevating the product experience for our customers in India. We are delighted to announce the inauguration of our exclusive service center, which will instill confidence and establish credibility among our valued clients.”

Expanding Service Network

In its endeavor to meet the growing demands of customers, Nothing aims to expand its service network significantly. By the end of this month, the company plans to increase the number of service centers from 230 to 300. Looking ahead, Nothing has set its sights on establishing five additional special service centers in various locations by 2023, with an ambitious plan of adding 20 more centers by 2024.

Following the Footsteps of Tech Giants

Nothing’s decision to open its first service center in India comes after similar moves by other tech giants. Recently, Apple inaugurated its first two stores in India, located in Mumbai and New Delhi. This strategic expansion signifies the increasing importance of the Indian market for global tech companies. Nothing’s initiative highlights its commitment to establishing a solid presence in India, mirroring the strategies employed by industry leaders.

Pop-Up Events and Offline Availability

In addition to the service center announcement, Nothing has revealed plans for a unique pop-up event in India and other locations. These events will allow customers to experience and purchase the Phone (2) offline. The Nothing Phone (2), the company’s second smartphone offering, boasts the same transparent design that garnered attention with its predecessor. Powered by the high-end Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 CPU and featuring several enhancements, the Phone (2) promises to deliver an exceptional user experience.

Excitement Builds for the Launch

The countdown has begun for the highly-anticipated launch of the Nothing Phone (2). Scheduled for tomorrow at 8:30 p.m., the unveiling of this innovative device is expected to generate immense interest among tech enthusiasts and smartphone users. Keep an eye out for the latest updates and discover everything there is to know about the Nothing Phone (2).


Nothing’s decision to establish its first specialized customer support center in India underscores the company’s commitment to providing excellent after-sales service. By augmenting its service network and offering a wide range of customer support and care options, Nothing aims to ensure a seamless and satisfying customer experience. With the upcoming launch of the Phone (2) and the introduction of unique offline experiences, Nothing continues to grow and innovate across the Indian market.

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