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Nothing Ear (a) and Nothing Ear TWS: Global Launch Overview and Specifications

After much anticipation, speculations, and leaks, Nothing has finally unveiled its new audio products globally. Led by Carl Pei, the company has introduced the Nothing Ear (a) and the Nothing Ear truly wireless earphones. While the former targets budget-conscious consumers, the latter is tailored towards audiophiles. Let’s dive into everything you need about the Nothing Ear (a) and Nothing Ear earbuds.

Nothing Ear (a) Specifications

The design of the Ear (a) differs significantly from the Ear (1) and (2), sporting a more traditional TWS look while retaining the transparent design language. Notably, the Yellow colorway offers a mesmerizing and playful aesthetic.

According to the official press release, Nothing positions the Ear (a) as an upgrade over the Ear (2). Featuring an 11mm driver and a new internal chamber design, the Ear (a) promises 2.5 times more power. The increased chamber space (0.55mm vs 0.26mm) enhances audio depth and richness.

The Ear (a) is Hi-Res-certified and supports LDAC, AAC, and SBC codecs, enabling lossless music playback over Bluetooth. With a larger battery than the Ear (2), the Ear (a) boasts 42.5 hours of playback with ANC off and 24.5 hours on.

Enhancements in the bass algorithm deliver richer lows without compromising on high frequencies, ensuring a balanced audio experience. The ANC is improved to 45db, providing stronger noise cancellation aided by smart ANC algorithms and Clear Voice technology.

Nothing Ear Specifications

Contrasting the Ear (a), the Nothing Ear retains the design from the original Ear (1) and (2), targeting audiophiles with enhanced audio experiences. Featuring 11mm ceramic drivers, the Ear promises clearer sound with crisp highs.

Nothing ear
Nothing ear (a) and nothing ear tws: global launch overview and specifications 2

Like the Ear (a), the Nothing Ear is Hi-Res certified and supports LHDC 5.0 and LDAC for high-quality audio transmission. It also incorporates ANC, smart ANC, and a slightly lower but impressive battery life of 40.5 hours with the case.

Both earbuds offer wireless charging, pinch controls, dual connection, low-latency mode, and water and dust resistance IP ratings.

Nothing Ear and Ear (a): Colors and Pricing

The Ear (a) is available in Yellow, White, and Black, while the Ear comes in standard White and Black variants. The Ear (a) is priced at Rs 7,999 in India and $99 globally, while the Nothing Ear is priced at Rs 11,999 in India and $149 globally. Pre-orders are open on the official Nothing website.


Nothing’s Ear (a) and Ear earbuds offer distinct features catering to different user preferences. With advancements in design, audio quality, ANC, and pricing options, they aim to capture a wide audience ranging from budget-conscious consumers to audiophiles.

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