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Nothing Chats App Privacy Crisis: Unmasking the Reasons Behind the Removal

In the realm of communication services, Apple’s iMessage has long held the spotlight, contributing significantly to the popularity of iPhones. The allure of group conversations and the notorious “green bubble humiliation” have deterred many from switching to Android. Enter Carl Pei’s ‘Nothing Chats’ app, designed to bring the coveted iMessage experience to Android users. However, the much-anticipated app has faced a setback – it’s been removed from the Google Play Store due to serious security concerns.

Nothing Chats Beta Withdrawal

The announcement came through a tweet on X (previously Twitter), revealing the withdrawal of the Nothing Chats beta app from the Google Play Store. The company, ‘Nothing,’ conveyed a delay in the launch “until further notice” and pledged to collaborate with Sunbird, the technology creator enabling iMessage functionality, to rectify various bugs.

Privacy and Security Concerns

Nothing chats app privacy crisis: unmasking the reasons behind the removal 2

Despite claims of ‘end-to-end encryption’ by Nothing and Sunbird, a detailed deconstruction of the app by Android developers and security experts tells a different story. The investigation uncovered vulnerabilities in the app, exposing user information such as contact details, message contents, and even attachment data to potential hacking. Shockingly, user data transferred over HTTP using Sunbird’s technology was found to be insecure during transit.

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The WordPress and Tumblr team, known for their expertise in security, released a comprehensive report identifying three major issues: data in transit vulnerability, data at rest vulnerability, and insider threat/data exposure.

Implications of Security Risks

The reported vulnerabilities present a series of risks for users. Data in transit vulnerability means that information is susceptible to interception during transmission. The data at rest vulnerability implies that stored information is not secure, and insider threat/data exposure raises concerns about unauthorized access and sharing of user data.

User Reaction and Future Prospects

The removal of the Nothing Chats app from the Google Play Store sparked diverse opinions. While concerns about security risks were paramount, optimism persisted regarding Nothing’s commitment to addressing these issues. The big question lingered: Will iMessage ever find its way to Android, and at what cost?


In conclusion, the security concerns surrounding the Nothing Chats app have brought into question the feasibility of simulating iMessage on Android. While Nothing has promised to address the issues, the gravity of the reported vulnerabilities raises doubts about the app’s future.

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