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Nintendo Switch 2 Leaks: Nvidia GPU and More – What Gamers Need to Know

The gaming world is excitedly buzzing as rumours about the Nintendo Switch 2 circulate. According to recent speculations, the next-generation portable gaming console from Nintendo may already be in the hands of developers. Even more intriguing is that these speculations are based on leaks from sources claiming to be under strict non-disclosure agreements with the gaming giant. After years of anticipation, Nintendo lovers might finally get an upgraded gaming experience. This article will delve into the leaked specs of the Nintendo Switch 2, focusing on the possible CPU and GPU that will power this highly anticipated device.

The Nintendo Switch 2 and Its Nvidia GPU

The primary source of the recent leak is a user known as Necrolipe, who has provided some exciting insights into the Nintendo Switch 2. According to Necrolipe, the new gaming console was showcased to developers behind closed doors at Gamescom 2023. The visual quality of the device was described as “similar” to recent gaming systems like the PS5.

Its alleged use of an Nvidia GPU sets the Nintendo Switch 2 apart. This revelation opens up possibilities for improved graphics and gaming experiences. Nerolipe’s sources even observed a tech demo of Nintendo’s upcoming handheld at Gamescom 2023, which utilized DLLS 3.1 technology. If these leaks hold, the Switch 2 may also feature ray tracing, enhancing its graphical capabilities. The GPU is rumoured to come with a substantial 12GB of RAM. However, it remains uncertain whether it will be GDDR6 or another variant.

One exciting feature mentioned in the leaks is the ability to insert artificially created frames, made possible by Nvidia’s DLSS 3. This technology could revolutionize the visual quality of Nintendo titles on the upcoming Switch 2, providing gamers with a handheld experience like never before.

Nintendo switch 2 gpu leak (translated)
Nintendo switch 2 gpu leak (translated)

Nvidia’s Ada Lovelace Design

One of the most intriguing aspects of the leak is the mention of Nvidia’s Ada Lovelace design powering the Nintendo Switch 2’s GPU. While it may be smaller than other GPUs, it could incorporate tensor cores similar to those found in Nvidia’s RTX 40-Series cards, enabling DLSS 3 Frame Generation. It could result in stunning visuals and smoother gameplay.

The MediaTek CPU

In addition to the Nvidia GPU, another leak from the YouTube channel RedGamingTech sheds light on the Nintendo Switch 2’s CPU. According to the source, the console will feature a MediaTek CPU with the following specifications:

  • 2x Cortex X4
  • 2x Cortex A720
  • 4x Cortex A520

This CPU and GPU specifications combination promises a significant performance boost compared to the original Nintendo Switch.

Low-Confidence Leaks

It’s essential to approach these leaks cautiously as they have been classified as low-confidence information. As the first tidbits of information about the Nintendo Switch 2 emerge, there is no official confirmation from Nintendo regarding the existence of this new console. These leaks should be taken with a grain of salt, and expectations should be kept in check. The release date and further details about the Nintendo Switch 2 remain mysterious, leaving fans eager for official announcements.


The leaked specs of the Nintendo Switch 2 paint an exciting picture of the future of portable gaming. While we must exercise caution and scepticism until official information is released, the prospect of an Nvidia GPU and MediaTek CPU powering the next-generation Nintendo handheld is undeniably enticing. Are you eagerly anticipating the Nintendo Switch 2? Let us know what you think in the comments!

SOURCE RedGamingTech

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