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Nintendo Switch 2: A Promising Competitor to the PS5’s Visuals and Performance

Gamers have been anticipating the Nintendo Switch’s successor, a portable gaming system. According to earlier leaks, dev kits have undoubtedly reached the hands of game developers, who are optimizing their games for them. But now it’s time to discuss the rumours around the Nintendo Switch 2’s graphics quality and performance. So, let’s go through the important information provided in recent Nintendo Switch 2 leaks.

Nintendo Switch 2: A Promising Leak

This leak comes from a well-known leaker known as “I’m a Hero Too,” who has previously published Nintendo Switch 2 updates. The leak indicated that dev kits for Nintendo’s Switch 2 system had been issued. For the uninformed, dev kits are early prototypes of new game consoles. They are given to developers before the official launch so that they may optimize their games for it.

A Glimpse of the Future

The Final Fantasy 7 Remake, they said, “looks and runs like a PS5 game on Switch 2 devkit.” They went on to say that converting the game to the Switch 2 devkit was a breeze. According to the leaker, backwards compatibility has also been tested on select titles.

These are audacious assertions. However, it has been over seven years since Nintendo introduced the first Switch, so it is still possible for the Nintendo Switch 2 to grow much more powerful, particularly given the success of competing portable gaming platforms. Still, seeing the Switch 2 running games like the PS5 is difficult.

Nintendo switch 2: a promising competitor to the ps5's visuals and performance 2

Can it Truly Match the PS5?

The latest leak raises the question: Will the future Nintendo Switch 2 run various titles at PS5-grade aesthetics and performance across the board? Even if this leak stays true in the future, we cannot be sure.

When the leaker said that the game ‘looks’ like it is operating at PS5-quality performance and graphics, it most likely does not indicate that the Switch 2 is running at the same graphical settings as the PS5. The PS5 has robust hardware. Developers may optimize and reduce parameters such as resolution and battery drain. As a result, high-quality AAA games can undoubtedly be played on portable devices such as the Switch 2 devkit.

Manage Your Expectations

This leak did not provide a particular resolution. And, depending on the game, newer games seem more comparable than you would think at Medium/High/Ultra settings. As a result, the future Nintendo Portable should be expected to run games at a different quality than a PS5 machine.

Nonetheless, this leak indicates a significant increase in graphics quality and speed for the future Switch 2, implying a considerable boost in internal hardware. We anticipate it outperforming last-gen systems like the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

So, how do you feel about the current revelations about the future Nintendo Switch 2? Are you looking forward to Nintendo’s successor to the first Switch? Please let us know in the comments section below.


In conclusion, the rumours surrounding the Nintendo Switch 2’s potential to match the visuals and performance of the PS5 are certainly intriguing. While it’s unlikely that the Switch 2 will reach the exact graphical prowess of the PS5, the improvements suggested by the leak are promising. With the gaming industry constantly evolving, it’s unsurprising that Nintendo aims to stay competitive in the portable gaming market.

As always, it’s best to approach such leaks with a degree of scepticism until official information is released. The gaming community will eagerly await any updates from Nintendo regarding the Switch 2.

SOURCE Resetera.com

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