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Nexus S gets custom golem 4.4 ROM, said to be running pretty fast

Android 4.4 KitKat may tout its ability to run great on hardware with as low as 512MB of RAM, but that doesn’t mean makers area unit aiming to be updating older devices to the refashion of android. The Galaxy Nexus isn’t obtaining a politician update, so the Nexus S never stood an opportunity either, but thanks to the development community, Nexus S homeowners will now taste the sweet flavor of KitKat.

Developed by XDA member cn.fyodor, the memory board is said to work pretty quick, therefore it looks like android 4.4 does improve things for old/weak hardware. It’s associate degree alpha build for now therefore there area unit a number of issues like some Google apps not operating properly, but you’ll be able to build calls, browse the net, and do just about everything else, even if the memory board may not be daily driver material nonetheless.
Hit the source link to go to the official memory board thread on XDA and provides android 4.4 a maintain your aging Nexus S and breathe new life into it. As always, take backups, and be careful while attempting something.

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