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Nexus 6P could be prone to bending, claims video


Bendgate as a term became popular when it was reported in September 2014 that several iPhone owners discovered their iPhones were prone to bending .

With the recent Nexus 6P on sale, a YouTube video by Jerry Rig Everything reveals that the Nexus 6P could just be the victim to a design limitation that leaves it vulnerable to damage.

In the video, Jerry is seen trying out a series of tests including a scratch test and a flame test before bending the smartphone.

For the scratch test, Jerry uses 9 levels of hardness on the Moh’s scale. Jerry tries out a series of tests that mimic talc powder to as close as diamond as possible. While levels 1 to 6 leave the screen unharmed, visible damage to the screen is evident from level 6. Through the course of the scratch test, as Jerry tilts the phone, the screen seems to crack.

In favour of the Nexus 6P built by Huawei, there is another video that by Zedomax, that claims to put the smartphone through 90 pounds of force, which is a little over 40kgs placed directly over the edges of the phone.

While the individual tests may not mean much, when compared to the tests done on other flagship phones such as the iPhone 6s, Samsung Galaxy S6, they do manage to cast doubt over the durability of the device.

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