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My Hero Academia Filler Episodes: Your Shortcut to the Action

Like popular shonen anime like One Piece, Naruto, and Bleach, My Hero Academia (MHA) offers a compelling storyline alongside a few filler episodes. This article delves into the specifics of MHA filler episodes, guiding viewers on whether to watch or skip them to optimize their superhero journey.

My Hero Academia Filler Episodes List Overview

Understanding MHA’s Filler Episodes

MHA’s narrative revolves around a world of superheroes and villains like Hollywood productions. The protagonist, Izuku Midoriya (Deku), starts as an underdog without innate superpowers but gains the opportunity to acquire them from a renowned superhero.

Filler Episode Count and Significance

With over 139 episodes, MHA boasts a relatively low count of filler episodes, totaling five across its seasons. These episodes offer side stories or non-canon content, giving viewers a break from the main storyline.

The Importance of Knowing Filler Episodes

For viewers embarking on the MHA journey, understanding filler episodes becomes crucial to optimize their viewing experience. By knowing which episodes to skip or watch, viewers can ensure they remain engaged with the core narrative.

My Hero Academia Filler Episode List: To Watch or Skip?

Episode 14 (Season 2 Episode 0): Hero Notebook

This filler episode delves into the protagonist’s journey, offering insights into Deku’s aspirations and motivations. While not essential to the main plot, it provides character depth and background.

Episode 39 (Season 3 Episode 1): Game Start

In this filler, viewers witness a side story that explores secondary characters’ dynamics, adding layers to the MHA universe. It’s optional viewing for those interested in a broader narrative scope.

Episode 58 (Season 3 Episode 20): Special Episode: Save the World With Love!

This special episode offers a unique storyline focused on themes of heroism and camaraderie. While not integral to the main plot, it provides a refreshing break from the central narrative.

Episode 64 (Season 4 Episode 1): The Scoop on U.A. Class 1-A

Viewers delve into the daily lives of Class 1-A heroes, offering a slice-of-life perspective. It’s recommended for those seeking additional insights into the characters’ daily routines.

Episode 104 (Season 5 Episode 16): Long Time No See, Selkie

This filler episode centers around a specific character interaction, showcasing their growth and development. It’s a supplementary episode that adds depth to individual character arcs.

My Hero Academia Arcs Guide: Enhancing Your Viewing Experience

Understanding MHA Arcs

In addition to filler episodes, MHA features compelling story arcs that drive the main narrative forward. Understanding these arcs helps viewers appreciate the overarching storyline.

Recommended Viewing Order

For those planning a binge-watch or transitioning between anime and manga, a recommended viewing order ensures a seamless and immersive experience.

Season 7 Update

Stay informed about the latest developments in MHA’s ongoing saga, ensuring you’re up-to-date with the most recent episodes and story arcs.


Understanding My Hero Academia filler episodes empowers viewers to curate their viewing experience effectively. By leveraging insights from this guide, viewers can clearly navigate MHA’s expansive universe, ensuring an enriching and action-packed superhero journey.


What are filler episodes in My Hero Academia?

Filler episodes in MHA are non-canon episodes that deviate from the main storyline, offering additional content or side stories.

Do filler episodes add value to the My Hero Academia experience?

While filler episodes provide supplementary content, they are optional to understanding the main plot. Viewers can choose to watch or skip them based on personal preference.

How can I optimize my My Hero Academia viewing experience?

To optimize your MHA experience, focus on key story arcs and episodes while considering filler episodes as optional content for a more comprehensive understanding.

Is it necessary to watch filler episodes in chronological order?

No, filler episodes in MHA are standalone stories and can be watched independently of the main storyline.

Can filler episodes contribute to character development?

Yes, filler episodes often delve into character backgrounds and interactions, contributing to overall character development and depth.

Where can I find more information about My Hero Academia arcs?

For detailed insights into MHA arcs and recommended viewing orders, refer to our My Hero Academia arcs guide for a comprehensive understanding.

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