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Tokyo Ghoul 10th Anniversary Surprise: Free Streaming Bonanza!

Like Dragon Ball and Death Note, Tokyo Ghoul has been a foundational anime for many fans globally. Its captivating first season earned immense praise, but subsequent seasons faced criticism for various reasons. However, exciting news has emerged for Tokyo Ghoul Anime enthusiasts, with the series reaching its tenth anniversary.

Tokyo Ghoul 10th Anniversary: Anime Will be Available to Stream for Free

The Tokyo Ghoul 10th Anniversary anime’s debut episode aired on July 3, 2014, marking a significant moment in anime history. Studio Pierrot has announced a unique project as the series approaches its tenth anniversary. Starting April 5, 2024, at 19:00 JST, all 48 episodes of Tokyo Ghoul, including OVAs, will be accessible for free on Studio Pierrot’s YouTube channel.

This announcement is a delightful surprise for long-time fans to relive the series and a golden opportunity for newcomers to delve into the world of Tokyo Ghoul.

The episodes available for free streaming are:

  • “Tokyo Ghoul” (12 episodes)
  • “Tokyo Ghoul √A” (12 episodes)
  • OVA “Tokyo Ghoul [JACK]”
  • OVA “Tokyo Ghoul [PINTO]”
  • “Tokyo Ghoul: Re” (all 12 episodes)
  • “Tokyo Ghoul: Re Final Chapter” (all 12 episodes)

Community Reactions and Expectations

The free streaming news has sparked excitement and speculation within the Tokyo Ghoul Anime fan community. While many anticipated a remake of the series, the current project offers a chance to re-experience the original anime.

As fans eagerly await the release date, discussions are buzzing about favorite moments, character arcs, and Tokyo Ghoul Anime’s impact on the anime landscape.


The Tokyo Ghoul Anime tenth-anniversary project brings a wave of nostalgia and anticipation for both seasoned fans and newcomers. Whether revisiting familiar scenes or embarking on a new adventure, this initiative celebrates the enduring legacy of Tokyo Ghoul Anime in the hearts of anime enthusiasts worldwide.

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