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Motorola Moto X (Gen 4) surfaces in leaked image; shows off all-metal body

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While the Motorola Moto X (Gen 3) still seems like a good contender as a flagship Motorola smartphone, there are plenty of fans waiting for the powerful Moto X Force to arrive in the country. In the meantime, we have something else to that Moto fans will be excited about, an image of what we suspect is the next generation Motorola Moto X.

For now we only have a view of the metal back and it surely looks like a mix of the Lumia 830 and the iPhone 5s with the gaps at the top and the bottom. While this could be an old prototype device, there is a big chance that Motorola (that is now owned by Lenovo) is looking at a design refresh. Still then, at first glance the smartphone in question did remind us of the old Motorola E8 (MotoRokr) as the overall shape does look familiar to smartphone design from 2008.

The hardware details of this mystery device have not been detailed on CNbeta, which is where the image surfaced. However, looking at the back we can tell Motorola has hooked up a pretty thick camera unit that includes a dual LED flash integrated into the camera set up. And since this does look pretty thick, it is easy to conclude that Optical Image Stabilisation (OIS) may be a part of the package as well.  Also visible on the back are some pretty bold perforations for the speaker, these could either mean a design change with Motorola’s current front facing speaker set up (a bad move), else this could indicate an older design.

And that about it for now. But we surely look forward to seeing more about this mystery smartphone that for now gets tagged as the Moto X (2016); because if it is, we could be looking at the first all-metal Moto X smartphone from Motorola.

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