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Lenovo introduces over 50 new exclusive service centres in India


Lenovo in partnership with Motorola is going to launch its exclusive service centres (ESCs) across the country in an effort to offer an exceptional ‘service delivery experience’ for its smartphones customers.

In line with the pressing need for a wide network of service centres, Lenovo is looking to increase its network of smartphone consumer service centres extensively across India. To begin with, Lenovo is set to launch over 50 exclusive service centres across 40 cities by Diwali this year. In addition, more than 100 centres are set to launch by mid 2016.

According to a statement by Lenovo, it has more than 350 service centres spread across India that cater to a fast-expanding smartphones customer base. More than 100 service centres covering almost 80 percent of call volume are enabled with loaner units to offer stand-by devices to the customers. Over 200 service centres covering almost 90 percent of call volume are enabled with spare minimum stock level to offer faster repair turn around time.

Speaking on the occasion, Sudhin Mathur, Director – Smartphones, Lenovo India said, “Our product line ups have mostly been customer demand based. In the past year, the growing customer response to our 4G portfolio has been very encouraging. We are now looking to offer our customers an improved service experience. We are enhancing some of our most popular smartphone devices with premium add-on features for Diwali.”

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