All iPhone Prices See a Slight Bump after 5% Import Tax Hike

iphone price increase in india
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iPhone Price Increase In India: The Indian government has increased the import tax on electronics products in categories such as mobile phones and television sets. In a move to give a boost to the domestic manufacturing sector, the tax has been increased from 10 percent to 15 percent on imported handsets.

Apple, which assembles only the iPhone SE in India, has seen a gradual increase in the pricing of the iPhones which will come into effect from 18 December.

According to Apple, the average price rise is around 3.5 percent. The changes in prices will be seen on all iPhones currently selling in India from the iPhone 6 (32 GB) all the way to iPhone X (256 GB). Since the iPhone SE is made in India, it is exempt from the price rise.

At the low end of the iPhone line up, the iPhone 6 (32 GB) will see a price rise from Rs 29,500 to Rs 30,780 whereas, at the higher end, the iPhone X (256 GB) price will increase from the original MRP of Rs 1,02,000 to Rs 1,05,720. The iPhone SE prices will remain unchanged.

Here is the complete list of the updated prices.

iPhone modelCurrent MRP (in Rs)Updated MRP from 18 Dec (in Rs)
iPhone 6 (32 GB)29,50030,780
iPhone 6s (32 GB)40,00041,550
iPhone 6s (128 GB)49,00050,660
iPhone 6s Plus (32 GB)49,00050,740
iPhone 6s Plus (128 GB)58,00059,860
iPhone 7 (32 GB)49,00050,810
iPhone 7 (128 GB)58,00059,910
iPhone 7 Plus (32 GB)59,00061,060
iPhone 7 Plus (128 GB)68,00070,180
iPhone 8 (64 GB)64,00066,120
iPhone 8 (256 GB)77,00079,420
iPhone 8 Plus (64 GB)73,00075,450
iPhone 8 Plus (256 GB)86,00088,750
iPhone X (64 GB)89,00092,430
iPhone X (256 GB)1,02,0001,05,720
iPhone SE (32 GB)26,00026,000
iPhone SE (128 GB)35,00035,000


According to Counterpoint Research associate director, the government’s new taxation would impact mobile phone companies who import phones from abroad. Aside from cellphones, the government also raised the import tax on video cameras to 15 percent from 10 percent and doubled the one on television sets 20 percent, its statement said.


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