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iPhone 15 Plus Could Be Cheaper Than iPhone 14 Plus: Report

Since the non-Pro models offer little and remain highly priced, Apple’s iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus have not performed as well as the iPhone 14 Pro models. Rumor has it that Apple might change its strategy with next year’s iPhone 15 Series to sell more standard iPhone 15 models.

New Strategy for the iPhone 15 Series!

In a recent report by Naver, Apple may consider bringing in a redesigned strategy for the iPhone 15 lineup. For example, it might introduce similar features for the entire lineup to reduce the major differences. This might result in Dynamic Island being included on all iPhone 15 phones, something rumored for quite some time.

Apple replaced the notch on the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max with the more functional Dynamic Island, while the standard models keep the notch.

There is also the possibility of changing the price of the iPhone 15 Plus and the iPhone 15 so that there is a significant gap between the high-end and standard iPhone 15 models. At the moment, the iPhone 14 and the 14 Plus offer the same specs as last year’s iPhone 13. This raises the question of why anyone would want to buy them!

With a lower price tag, Apple might be able to sell more iPhone 15 Plus models. This will enable Apple to target each iPhone to different people based on their needs and budgets.

In addition, it could introduce different features, camera features, and even materials to differentiate the non-Pro and Pro iPhone 15 models. A similar strategy was used with the iPhone XR and iPhone XS when the latter got an OLED display and the former an LCD display.

Apple may adopt another strategy, as it has in the past, to maintain sales of all iPhone models in 2023. Since it’s almost a year before the official launch, we’re not sure what Apple will ultimately do. So, it’s wise to take these details with a grain of salt and wait for more information to pop up. Feel free to let us know your thoughts on the strategies mentioned above.

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