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Apple Production Of the New iPhone 14 Plus Has Been Cut: Report

Apple’s production of the iPhone 14 Plus has been cut due to weak demand. The company will be increasing the output of the iPhone 14 Pro.

A new report predicts that the new iPhone X will see a 60% output share after initially intended to be at 50%. It could then rise to 65%, which is a substantial increase.

The share of the more expensive iPhone 14 Pro series has now risen to 60% from its initial planned 50%. According to the latest report, it could reach 65% in the future.

Apple did not comment on Reuters’ request.

The report says there might be a drop in demand for iPhones. It is probably because US interest rates are rising, which could hurt consumer spending. Rising US interest rates could lead to iPhone production dropping by 14% in the first quarter of 2023.

Analysts have previously stated that iPhone 14’s Pro and Pro Max versions were selling briskly. However, demand was limited for their baseline model, which is typically Apple’s bestseller.

Last month, the company announced it would manufacture its latest iPhone in India. The move is due to the tensions between Washington and Beijing.

Apple has halted production of the iPhone-14 Plus in certain regions as it reevaluates the demand for the mid-range model. The Cupertino, California-based company is said to have told at least one manufacturer in China to immediately halt production of the device’s components.

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It needs to be clarified what company held the leading position in Q3 of 2017 after a 9% decline in global smartphone sales, according to Canalys. And it looks like demand will only pick up for the next six to nine months.

Apple updated its mobile lineup on September 7 with the expensive but high-quality iPhone Pro. That same day, Apple announced the less-expensive alternative, the iPhone 14 Plus. Introduced later than the other models and made available for purchase on October 7, customers can now order the handset online. The four different models are similar in price when comparing their low prices. But two of them are more geared toward those who like larger screens.

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