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iOS 17 Adoption Slowdown: What’s Behind the Numbers?

Apple recently unveiled the adoption numbers for iOS 17, shedding light on the uptake of its latest operating system. These statistics, disclosed on Apple’s Developer website, reveal intriguing insights into the current landscape of iOS 17 adoption.

iOS 17 Adoption Statistics

Adoption among iPhones released in the last four years

iOS 17: 76%

iOS 16: 20%

Earlier versions: 4%

Overall adoption across all iPhones

iOS 17: 66%

iOS 16: 23%

Earlier versions: 11%

Comparison with Previous iOS Versions

Apple’s data indicates a slower uptake of iOS 17 than its predecessor, iOS 16. It contrasts with previous years, where iOS updates garnered higher adoption rates at similar intervals.

iPadOS 17 Adoption Statistics

Adoption among iPads released in the last four years

iPadOS 17: 61%

iPadOS 16: 29%

Earlier versions: 10%

Overall adoption across all iPads

iPadOS 17: 53%

iPadOS 16: 29%

Earlier versions: 18%

Comparison with Previous iPadOS Versions

Remarkably, iPadOS 17 has seen a faster adoption rate than its predecessor, indicating a positive trend in iPadOS upgrades.

Factors Influencing Adoption

Despite notable features like NameDrop and Contact Posters, users seem hesitant to update to iOS 17. Potential factors contributing to this reluctance are explored, including user preferences and concerns over software stability.

Anticipation for iOS 18

As iOS 18 looms on the horizon, expectations are high for a groundbreaking update from Apple. Anticipated features and advancements are discussed, with speculation on its potential impact on iPhone sales.

Role of Generative AI in iOS 18

Generative AI is expected to be pivotal in shaping iOS 18, paving the way for innovative functionalities and user experiences. The integration of AI technologies could redefine the smartphone landscape.

Release History of iOS 17

Since its debut in September 2023, iOS 17 has undergone several updates, with the latest iteration, iOS 17.4, slated for release in March.


The analysis of iOS 17 adoption rates underscores the dynamic nature of smartphone software uptake. While iOS 17 lags behind its predecessor, anticipation for iOS 18 remains high, promising significant advancements in mobile technology.

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