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Instagram Will Soon Let Desktop Users Post


Instagram’s desktop website can only navigate the picture-sharing platform decently. In reality, the company has not started an iPad app (and possibly is not) because Instagram can only be accessed from an iPad for users. However, there is no way to generate posts from the website while you can browse posts and send direct messages.

If a recent study is to be trusted, this could change soon. The app creator and researcher Alessandro Paluzzi have tweeted about support for post generation on the Instagram desktop website. This is now only accessible on smartphone applications and mobile websites.

Paluzzi has made the forthcoming feature available on the desktop website and given snapshots of how it would function. He did not, though, elaborate about how he got the feature to function in the first place.

Regardless, based on the screenshots, it appears that if Instagram does release this update, it would be just as strong as the one seen in the mobile app. Users would be able to generate new posts from the desktop site, as seen in the screenshots. They will also be able to crop photographs and attach filters to them before going on to captioning them.

It’s uncertain when or even whether Instagram will make this feature available to users. Bringing uploading help to the internet, on the other hand, could solve a slew of problems for iPad users who have been clamoring for an Instagram app. Not to mention the convenience of being able to post right away from your laptops.

So, what are your thoughts on this feature? Is this something you’d be interested in, and are you willing to use the desktop website on your iPad instead of a native app? And let us know in the comments below.


via: 9To5Mac

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