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HTC teases “Something Remarkable” for its Oct 8 event, GoPro-like ReCamera anticipated


It is known that HTC is hosting an event on October 8 to unveil a new product. Media personnel who got the invite revealed that the event is expected to showcase some kind of camera technology as the invite teased a “Double Exposure” event. Soon after, Bloomberg said that HTC plans to launch a GoPro-like camera that will be compatible with Android devices.

Now, HTC has teased users with a new video that further hints at a GoPro-type camera (probably called Recamera) in the making. The company has released a video titled “Something remarkable is
coming.” The video doesn’t show the device, but probably aims at showing what the camera is capable of doing. Going by the video, it will come with water resistant capability so one can even take it for a dive, along with wide-angle lens and slow-motion or high-FPS function.

Although HTC hasn’t disclosed what its GoPro camera will look like, some pictures have been discovered by a Reddit user. A closer look at the image and it resembles a periscope.

HTC ReCamera (Image: Reddit)

For those who don’t know, GoPro cameras are known to be lightweight, compact, rugged and easily mountable. These are high-definition wearable, personal cameras  often used in extreme action photography, capturing still photos and/or videos in HD through a wide-angle lens.
It isn’t clear if the device will be a standalone camera like the GoPro or a hybrid camera-phone like Samsung’s Galaxy Camera or an accessory that works only with HTC’s devices.

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