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Twitter Threads: Best Ways To Save


Threads that meet the platform’s 280-character cap by tweet are also used by Twitter users. With the huge Twitter user base, you will quickly miss a data thread on Twitter unless you save it for later browsing. We also assembled a list of ways in which you can save helpful Twitter threads to solve this problem.

Save Twitter Threads Best Ways (2021)

Twitter Bookmarks

Add-tweet-to-bookmarks twitter threads

The desire of many Twitter users to bookmark tweets is also a highlight of Twitter. Whenever a Twitter thread is saved, click on the Share button and choose the ‘Add tweet to bookmarks’ option.

You can use the Bookmarks page in the left sidebar of the website to view all your bookmarks. You should start using Twitter bookmarking features if you want an easy way of saving fun Twitter threads. It creates a strong reading content set along the rows. And after you have read it or felt like cleaning off the trouble, like bookmark managers, you can delete tweets from bookmarks.

Thread Reader


Thread Reader is a popular Twitter thread saver tool for third parties. Besides saving significant tweets, it is easy to read Twitter threads like blog posts from Thread Reader’s website. All you need to do to use the service is react in the following format to a Twitter thread:

@threadreaderapp unroll

If you don’t want to use the bot, go to the website of Thread Reader and add the link to the search box. To see all your past threads unroll in a single location and handle them effectively, you can build a free Thread Reader account. After you have an account, you can also save threads as PDFs.

Try Thread Reader


Readwiseio save twitter threads

Readwise is an additional service that will help you manage Twitter threads effectively. Besides Twitter, readable devices can be used on many other websites, such as Kindle, Pocket, Instapaper, iBooks, etc. Readings are not free, though. You will use the free trial for a month to see how it helps you. You will need to buy a monthly membership starting at $4.49 after the trial expires. To send a line, answer the first tweet with the following format:

@readwiseio save

You also see a lot of statistics when you save threads, including the number of saves, the specific number of unique saves of Twitter threads by the author. You can also use common note-taking apps like Evernote, Notion, and Roam to synchronize readings.

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Thread-reader-app save twitter threads

Threader is a related Twitter thread collection service. Like other services, Threader also has a Twitter bot to save information threads quickly. And check the threader file below:

@threader_app compile

Threaders can also be read in good threads with an iOS app. Notice that for additional functionality, including dark mode and PDF support, you will require Threader’s Premium Subscription. The premium expense of the threader is $3 a month.

Try Threader

Unroll Thread

Unrollthread save twitter threads

Another perfect way to save insightful Twitter threads is to unroll threads. You don’t need a keyword to use Unroll Thread, unlike other Twitter bots. You just have to note the Unroll Thread Twitter address to save tweets. The following is the Twitter management for which you need to reply:


Threads with Unroll Thread can also be saved as PDFs. Furthermore, Unroll Thread provides a dark-mode subscription-free service. You might recommend trying Unroll Thread if you want common features without paying for a subscription.

Try Unroll Thread

Save Threads for Later Reading

There are the top five ways to save your beloved Twitter threads. I typically depend on the built-in library function of Twitter to save interesting conversations, tips, tricks, and other tweeple content. If you have another service to save threads? In the comment section below, do not hesitate to share it with us. See our post on the best advice on Twitter and tricks for one of these tips.


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