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GOQii Inc ties up with Amazon to roll out GOQii Life services in India


GOQii Inc, the North California headquartered health and lifestyle company, co-founded by Vishal Gondal (of Indiagames fame) today announced its GOQii life services in India exclusively on Amazon.in. The GOQii pack will be starting at Rs 3,999 and will include the prorietary GOQii fitness band, the GOQii app to go with it and the GOQii Personal Coach service. The GOQii app is available for both Android 4.3 (and up) and iOS 6 (and up).

The GOQii ecosystem beyond providing just a smart band and a companion app. Apart from connecting with other users of the smart band via the application, there is very little human element involved in smart bands. GOQii aims to introduce a human angle by adding a human element to your workout in the form of lifestyle experts or personal coaches.

The mobile app inbuilt in the new GOQii Life is backed by some of the world’s renowned fitness experts and coaches, thus giving customers an easy access to personal trainers who interact with them one-on-one via the app.

The subscription fee includes advice and motivation from the fitness coach  and experts via video/audio calls and a messaging service. This puts you directly in touch with the fitness instructor and allows them to keep a closer eye on your workout. While it’s always easy to turn off a wristband or any other device which keeps telling you to pump it up, it’s much harder to do that with a voice, that you have become familiar with. This helps keep customers motivated and on course to achieve their fitness goals.

GOQii had launched a beta test of the device earlier this year and received much international acclaim and fan following in a short span especially through various social media platforms.

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