Google’s First Android GO Phones will appear in the Mobile World Congress in 2018

Google's lightweight OS version will soon be able to see how in the phones
Google’s lightweight OS version will soon be able to see how in the phones

Google’s low-end phones, especially the Android OS’s light version, came with Android Go. Devices running on this OS will present the upcoming event of Google Tech in the Mobile World Congress, which will be held from February 26 to March 1. These first devices will work on this OS.

Google had introduced Android Go in May last year. This version meant the OS that would work on cheap, less powerful phones and low RAM-512MB or 1GB phones. The Android operating system of this operating system was made available in December, and the developers have been made available to developers. Now finally it will be released with Devices. Google is going to do all this in Mobile World Congress.

Know what’s special in the ANDROID GO OS of this lightweight version of Google:

What’s special in Android Oreo Go Edition:

Android Oreo Go Edition is made up of three components:- operating system, Google Apps and Google Play Store.

  • First of all (OS), Google has designed an operating system, which can solve problems related to performance and storage. Data management features are given for this.
  • The second (Google Play Store), Google Apps has been changed to take full advantage of low-end hardware. It comes with Go Play, which can be called the small version of Google Play Store. This lets users download the app. With this, Go Play will also tell the users what apps will be best for their phone.
  • In the third (Google Apps), Android Go Devices, some apps will be pre-installed. These apps will not take much space in the phone. These apps will include Google Go, Google Assistant Go, YouTube Go, Gmail Go, Files GoAp etc.

Only after the launch of this OS mobile phone in the Mobile World Congress, will it be known that how does this OS perform in the phone?





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