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Google’s Decision: Why the Second Pixel Fold Didn’t Meet Expectations

During the Google I/O 2023, the tech world was excited as Google unveiled its highly anticipated Pixel Fold. This foldable phone promised to revolutionize the way we interact with mobile devices. Packed with advanced features like the Tensor G2 chip and a stunning 48MP camera system, the Pixel Fold seemed poised to make a splash in the market.

The Revelation: “Not Good Enough” for the Second Pixel Fold

In a recent revelation by Ivy Ross, Google’s head of hardware design disclosed that Google had chosen not to release a second foldable phone because it simply wasn’t “good enough.” This decision showcased Google’s commitment to delivering products that meet high standards of quality and innovation. Ross expressed pride in the team’s ability to recognize when something falls short and their dedication to waiting until they could offer something better than what was already available.

Speculations on the Second Pixel Foldable

While the details of the unreleased second Pixel foldable remain a mystery, speculations have emerged regarding its potential design and features. It is believed that Google might have opted for a clamshell form factor, similar to the popular Galaxy Z Flip and Oppo N2 Flip, to compete in the market. However, without official information, it is difficult to say what the second Pixel foldable would have been like.

Google’s Approach: Taking Time for Quality

Google’s decision to hold back the second Pixel foldable indicates a patient and thoughtful approach to product development. Rather than rushing to release a device that didn’t meet their high standards, Google invested more time into crafting a superior product. This deliberate strategy aligns with Google’s commitment to innovation and user satisfaction. It demonstrates their dedication to delivering a foldable phone that exceeds expectations.

Features of the Pixel Fold

While we await the release of the second Pixel foldable, let’s take a closer look at the already-launched Pixel Fold. The Pixel Fold, which has already made its debut, boasts impressive features that elevate the foldable phone experience. With its inner OLED display measuring 7.6 inches and an external OLED display of 5.8 inches, users can enjoy a large canvas for multimedia consumption while still having a compact device when folded. The 120Hz refresh rate ensures smooth scrolling and seamless transitions between apps and menus.

One notable feature of the Pixel Fold is its dual-axis hinge, allowing the device to open vertically and be used at various angles. This versatility enhances user comfort and usability, whether watching videos, browsing the web, or engaging in productivity tasks.

Under the hood, the Pixel Fold is powered by the Tensor G2 chip, a custom-made processor designed by Google. This chipset provides exceptional performance and efficient power management, enabling smooth multitasking and responsive app launches. Coupled with 48MP triple cameras, users can capture stunning photos and videos with options for various shooting modes and editing capabilities.

Battery life is another area where the Pixel Fold excels. Equipped with a 4,821mAh battery and USB-C charging support, users can enjoy extended usage without worrying about running out of power. The device also offers Wi-Fi 6e and Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity, ensuring fast and reliable wireless connections and 5G support for blazing-fast internet speeds.

Regarding audio, the Pixel Fold features stereo speakers that deliver immersive sound quality for media consumption and video calls. 

Additionally, the device incorporates advanced software optimizations to enhance audio output, creating a captivating listening experience.

Reader Feedback and Expectations

Now that you’ve learned about the revelation regarding Google’s decision to scrap the second Pixel foldable, we’d love to hear your thoughts. How do you feel about Google’s commitment to quality and their decision to wait until they can deliver something better? Are you excited about the future of Pixel foldable?

Furthermore, would you consider purchasing one if Google were to release a clamshell device to compete with the likes of the Galaxy Z Flip and Oppo N2 Flip? Share your opinions and expectations in the comments below and join the conversation.


In conclusion, Google’s announcement of the Pixel Fold during Google I/O 2023 generated much anticipation in the tech community. However, it was revealed that a second Pixel foldable phone was deemed “not good enough” by Google’s design team. This decision exemplifies Google’s dedication to producing high-quality products and its commitment to innovation.

While details about the unreleased second Pixel foldable remain scarce, the possibility of a clamshell design to compete with other foldable devices has been speculated. Google’s deliberate approach of taking time to perfect its products ensures that consumers can look forward to a promising future for Pixel foldable.

The already-launched Pixel Fold showcases impressive features such as dual OLED displays, a powerful Tensor G2 chip, a versatile hinge, and an advanced camera system. These features and Google’s software optimizations create a compelling user experience.

As we eagerly await further developments from Google, it’s clear that the tech giant is determined to redefine the foldable phone market with their innovative approach and dedication to quality.

Via: Android Authority , Podcast

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