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Google Pixel 3 Lite: All You Need To Know


Google pixel 3 lite: all you need to know

Google is reportedly running on some other model of the Pixel 3 and it is able to arrive within the first half of 2019. while a few you will want to go along with the Pixel 3, Pixel 3 XL, or some other devices available on the market, others may need to look ahead to the organization’s rumored Pixel 3 Lite.

in case you’re searching out a new Smartphone, the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL have to be on the top of your list. Google’s 2018 flagships are two of the quality phones available on the market and they’re really worth a glance if you’re presently the use of Android or if you’re a capability convert.

Google’s Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL need to additionally be to your shortlist. They’re older, however they’re exquisite devices and cheaper than they once have been.

before you pickup a Pixel 3, Pixel 2, or any other Smartphone, make certain you dig into 2019 Pixel rumors. Google is probable running on a Pixel four for the autumn and it looks as if we could see a Pixel 3 Lite serve as the bridge between the Pixel 3/Pixel 3 XL and the new flagship.

Google Pixel 3 Lite Rumors

The Pixel 3 Lite has been inside the rumor mill for awhile now and we’ve visible a regular float of new facts in 2019. In fact, the device itself has already leaked.

Google’s new Pixel 3 reportedly comes with a special layout, a Snapdragon processor, Android Pie, and numerous different functions that need to pique your interest.

The device seems like it will be a mid-variety opportunity to the flagship fashions which makes it an exciting tool for folks that need a Pixel enjoy with out breaking the bank.

The Pixel 3 Lite likely won’t release in January however there’s a good chance it’ll launch before the Pixel 4. And with a launch creeping closer, it’s time to decide if you need to shop for now or wait.

on this guide we’ll take you thru the fine reasons to await the Pixel 3 Lite and the first-class reasons to skip it and locate some thing else.


Wait for Stunning Cameras

Pixel 3 camera

Google’s Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL supply one of the high-quality camera experiences on the market.

the two devices feature a 12.2 megapixel rear camera with f/1.7 aperture and OIS (Optical image Stabilization) to go together with twin 8MP the front-dealing with cameras.

The cameras shoot brilliant Pictures and Video and they’re backed up by using an array of remarkable software features such as Top Shot’ and Night Sight.

in line with Andro news, the Pixel 3 Lite comes with a single 12-MP rear camera in conjunction with a brand new autofocus sensor. The web page claims the image excellent is on par with the Pixel 3’s.

at the same time as this might seem incredible, keep in mind that the genuine electricity of the Pixel 3’s digicam revel in comes from the software.


Wait for the Best Software Support

Android 9. 0 pie

The Pixel 3 Lite will run the quality version of Android Pie. it will also get the exceptional software help from Google.

while you might be tempted to shop for an older Pixel or Nexus Smartphone, software program help will quit for those devices before it ends for the Pixel 3 Lite.

If Google’s Android timeline holds, Android Pie can be the last foremost upgrade for the authentic Pixel and Pixel XL. The devices will get security updates and malicious program fixes for some other 12 months however support will end after that and you may be on your personal.

Google says Android version support for the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL will give up along safety updates in October 2020.

The flagship Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL gets software updates till October 2021. We count on the Pixel 3 Lite to get similar guide making the Pixel 3 line the pleasant choice for those who need to keep onto their Smartphone for several years.

We must additionally factor out that Pixel devices are always the primary to milestone Android upgrades from Google. for instance, Pixel telephones had been the first to Android 8.1 Oreo.

Pixel devices were given Android 8.1 Oreo in December, 2017. Samsung, the biggest Android OEM, waited until overdue 2018 to start rolling out Android 8.1.


Wait If You Want Stock Android Pie Without a Skin

Pixel 3 stock android

if you need a cheap, Nexus-fashion software program experience, think about waiting for the Pixel 3 Lite.

Android OEMs retain to put their very own spin on Android. for instance, Samsung’s Android 9.0 Pie updates supply a brand new One UI it’s already getting blended opinions from long time users.

when the Pixel 3 Lite arrives it will run what’s arguably the nice model of Android Pie. No bloatware. No skin over the top. only a clean, speedy operating system full of functions.

If the Pixel 3 Lite’s software program mirrors the software on the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL, it’ll have Google Duplex and call display on board.

call display is considered one of our favourite features from Google’s model of Android Pie.

Google’s version of Android Pie also comes with the company’s AR (Augmented Reality) Playground, improved Google Lens, and fingerprint scanner gesture controls.


Wait for Great Performance

Google pixel 3 lite specs

It may not in shape the strength of the Pixel 3 or Pixel 3 XL, however the Pixel 3 Lite have enough firepower for the general public.

matters may want to exchange between now and the Smarphone’s launch, but the purported Pixel 3 Lite’s spec sheet is a wonderful begin.

way to a big leak from Andro news we have got a take a look at what’s quite in all likelihood a final or close to-final listing of hardware specs.

They include a 5.56-inch 2,220 x 1,080 LCD display, Snapdragon 670 processor, 32GB of storage, 4GB RAM, and a 2,915 mAh battery.

You won’t get an OLED display and also you may not get wireless charging however you could expect a quick Smartphone with solid battery life.


Look Forward to a Less Expensive Pixel 3

We don’t have an official or maybe a rumored price factor simply but, but we fully count on the Pixel 3 Lite price factor to are available lower than the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL.

The Pixel 3 Lite in all likelihood may not be dust cheap, but given the plastic layout and toned down specifications, we might anticipate Google to position the Smartphone just like how Apple located its iPhone XR to the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max.

despite the fact that it’s priced better than expected, you could count on Google and its companions to offer promo offers that make it low-cost.

preserve a watch out for Pixel 3 Lite rate rumors as we push into 2019. We need to have a pretty proper concept ahead of the release.


Wait if You Want a Headphone Jack

One of the more surprising Pixel 3 Lite rumors is the supposed return of the 3.5mm headphone jack.

in case you’ve been following alongside you’d know that preliminary Pixel 3 Lite rumors cautioned the phone might observe in the footsteps of the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL and arrive with out a headphone jack.

According to the latest leak, it looks like Google may have reversed course because the pre-production units that’ve leaked in early 2019 have one on board.

in case you want a more moderen Pixel device and you want a 3.5mm headphone jack in your next Smartphone, think about waiting for the Pixel 3 Lite.


Don’t Wait If You Can’t Wait Until May

in case you’re in need of a brand new phone proper now you may probably need to pass at the Pixel 3 Lite for now.

While it would be great to see a surprise launch in January or February, all signs are pointing to a launch a little bit later in the year..

in step with Andro News, Google is concentrated on a launch inside the first half of 2019. greater specially, it looks like the device should release at Google’s annual Google I/O conference.

The company hasn’t confirmed Google I/O 2019 dates just yet, but the conference typically takes place in mid-to-late May

it is a logical launch pad for brand spanking new hardware and it is while you may anticipate the Pixel three Lite to release assuming Google doesn’t delay the release or scrap the project altogether.

A document from Android Police indicates the Smartphone will arrive on Verizon sometime within the spring.


Don’t Wait If You Find Something You Love


Don’t let the Pixel 3 Lite keep you again from buying a new tool in case you discover some thing that suits your needs.

in recent times maximum records plans will let you improve to a new tool after a year while you trade to your Smartphone. So if you had been to buy a new phone within the close to destiny, you’d be capable of pick up a Pixel 3 Lite or another device, in early 2020.

There are a ton of extremely good Pixel 3 Lite alternatives available on the market starting with the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL. We also previously stated the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL that are older but are nevertheless very capable.

You’ve were given Samsung’s Galaxy S9, Galaxy S9+, Galaxy S8, and Galaxy S8+. Samsung is likewise launching a couple of Galaxy S10 models in February.

if you aren’t married to buying an Android telephone, you need to also take a look at Apple’s iPhone XR, iPhone X, iPhone 8, and iPhone 7.


before you decide to anticipating the Pixel three Lite, ensure you move hands-on all of those phones. you may locate something you actually like.





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