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Google Now for Android now offers store alerts related to your past product searches


How often does it happen that you searched for something online, didn’t find it and eventually forgot all about it? Google wants to change that by reminding you about your online searches while you shop in real life.

The feature is being packed into the latest update for the Google Search app on Android and is in the form of a new Google Now card. The card pops up when you are near a store with the same product, that you searched for on Google earlier. It will also show the price of the product, so you can simply walk in and buy it.

At the moment, the card does not tell you about current availability of the product. This might be eventually rolled out, and Google has not said anything about whether it will remember all the product searches or only a select few.

As more and more people move towards online shopping, Google is working with local retailers to build a serious online presence. It’s been listing local business in ads as well as providing them with a spot in search results. This is just another way Google is trying to bring offline stores online, integrating their business with Google services.

Just recently Google introduced Parking Location card in Google Now for those who find it difficult to remember where their car is parked. You can download the new version of the Android search app from Play Store.

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