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Google intern Abhishek Pant from IIT Kharagpur lands full time job paying Rs 2 crore per year


Last week, there were reports of Chetan Kakkar setting a new record by bagging a whopping $1,90,000 in remuneration from Google. Well that’s effectively Rs 1.27 crore per year.

While the rest of us were reading reports of increasing remuneration, and gathering ourselves momentarily, Google just took that figure up a notch by offering Rs 2 crore to a boy from IIT Kharagpur.

As part of its process, an intern at Google could be absorbed into a full time role at Google after clearing a series of interview rounds.

According to a report in the Times of India, 22-year old Abhishek Pant, born and raised in the US, and now a final year student of IIT Kharagpur has managed to clear his round of interviews after a 3 month internship at Google in California earlier this year.

In response to the Times of India, Pant said for the internship he had to complete a coding assignment in a Google document, after which he was interviewed by his project manager. After successfully clearing the rounds, he began his internship in May.

Interestingly, a query on popular question and answer website Quora asks how Chetan Kakkar managed to negotiate a salary of $1,90,000?

Here’s the answer by another Google intern Ashish Kedia:

“I just read a news article about Chetan Kakkar’s hiring. I don’t know if he is on Quora.
I can certainly say with confidence that there was no negotiations. Do not believe media. The $190K package probably includes the sign on bonus, the relocation bonus and the some other allowances also. It is not the basic pay.

The media just bloats up the package without revealing the detail. And this is why engineering is often hyped. I totally urge all the people who actually got such offers to clear out the vagueness of the compensation that is being offered to them. Either keep it a secret or give full details.”

Acknowledging the answer, Chetan Kakkar replied:

“Ashish Kedia is correct, there were no negotiations. My package is probably exactly the same as everyone else who got an offer from Google Mountain View.
You can confirm that last year NSIT quoted similar figures.”

Essentially, an intern at Google has a sure shot way to being a millionaire! Albeit the duration of the internship. And if the intern is determined and smart enough to continue a winning streak, probably even turn into a billionaire!

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