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Google developing a new Android-based OS Brillo for Internet of Things


Looks like Google is shifting focus to those low-end power devices such as smart light bulbs or security cameras which come with as little as 64MB or 32MB worth of RAM. The company is reportedly working on a new software, under the Android brand, as the group developing the software is linked to the company’s Android unit.

According to a report by The Information, Google is developing a new OS nicknamed Brillo which will specially be for low-power devices aka Internet of Things (IoT) devices. As there has been an increase in the number of smart-household technology, this move by Google could prove beneficial. The report pointed out that this technology from Google could make it easier for the companies to manufacture smart home appliances such as smart fridges, light bulbs and more.

Another reason why the new Brillo OS makes sense for Google is the fact that it owns NestLabs, the company that makes smart thermostats, smoke alarms and security cameras for the home, which are all at the end of the day, ‘smart’ home appliances. If most smart home devices run on the Brillo OS, this would give a gateway to Google to a large number of information about a user’s daily routine as the time they go to sleep, or use their oven as well.

A report by Engadget points out that the new OS will not only free OEMs from having to design their own IoT communications schemes but it will also position Google as the ‘invisible backbone of tomorrow’s smart home’. Google could introduce the new Brillo OS at the I/O developers conference which starts in San Francisco on May 28.

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