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Galaxy Round unofficially available in the US and Australia


The Galaxy Round is currently available only in South Korea, as Samsung wanted to test the market response to a smartphone with a curved display before launching it worldwide. Well, while that may be the case, it’s often not that difficult to buy such devices in other markets, thanks to third-party retailers and the good old eBay. In the case of the Galaxy Round, it looks like a retailer in the US, and one in Australia, are currently listing the device on their websites.

As expected, both retailers are selling the device at quite a premium – Negri Electronics in the US has it listed for $1,129.50, while MobiCity in Austrlia is asking for $1,319.95. The catch? Neither retailer actually has the device in stock; it is listed as being on backorder on Negri, and “backorder/out of stock” at MobiCity. Of course, this does mean that stock could arrive at any moment, but with the limited production of the Galaxy Round, that will probably take quite a while.
But then again, who wants to spend that much cash on the Galaxy Round? Oh, you do? Well then, hit the links below and hope against hope that stock becomes available soon, though with our review of the device coming up soon, it would be a good idea to wait and see if it actually makes sense to spend your hard-earned cash on the world’s first smartphone with a curved ‘flexible’ display.

Galaxy Round: Negri Electronics (US) | MobiCity (Australia)

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